Inspiring Movies for Girls Who Are Happily Single Right Now ...


Inspiring Movies for Girls Who Are Happily Single Right Now ...
Inspiring Movies for Girls Who Are Happily Single Right Now ...

With happy couples all around you, sometimes you lose sight of how great it is to live the single life. You forget how amazing it is to have the freedom that you have and the ability to focus solely on yourself. So if you are in one of those why-am-I-single moods, here are some inspiring movies for single girls that will surely make you feel better about your relationship status.

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Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a thriller based on a New York Times bestselling novel and one of the most popular films released in 2014. The plot of this movie revolves around Nick Dunne, played by Ben Affleck, who becomes the prime suspect in his wife's disappearance. Doesn’t seem like much, but trust me, the storyline develops into something you definitely do not expect. And I can guarantee you, finding a relationship will be the last thing on your mind after watching this!


John Tucker Must Die

This dated chick-flick classic is a must watch for all single ladies. It’s about three high school students from completely different cliques, who work together to seek revenge on a guy who has been dating all three of them at the same time. They destroy his reputation, break his deceiving heart and through it all, they form a special bond with one another.



Boyhood is a heartfelt film that highlights the joys and adversities of life through the perspective of a boy named Mason. It follows him as he grows up from age 7 to age 18 and transitions from a teenager into an adult. Watching him grow, seeing the developments of his relationships and the life events he has to go through really attaches you to the character and enables you to reflect on your own life. This movie is worth checking out, especially knowing that the film was shot over a span of 12 years with the same actor playing the little boy as he grows up.


(500) Days of Summer

In this epic but tragic love story, Tom, who is a hopeless romantic, encounters a beautiful secretary, Summer, at his workplace and quickly falls in love with her. As their romance progresses, he truly believes that he has found his soul mate, but unfortunately Summer doesn’t feel the same and strongly sees true love as something that belongs in fairy tales.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

From the creators of Being John Malkovich and Adaptation comes a film about an estranged couple that decides to undergo a procedure to erase their memories of one another from their minds after a terrible breakup. Through this movie, we come to learn about the pain of loss and the intricate aspects of their relationship.


Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine portrays the love story of David and Cindy, who have been together for many years but have developed a sense of distance within their relationship. Over the years, Cindy has grown into a successful woman with many opportunities available to her, but David has remained the same person as he was when they first met.


The Other Woman

This is more of a modern and grown up version of John Tucker Must Die, starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann. The storyline follows three women who join forces to get back at the man they’ve all been dating after they find out that he has been playing all of them. It’s a highly rated comedy that will surely make you appreciate the fact that you are single!

Forget relationships if they're not something that is relevant to your life right now! Enjoy the single life and take it all in.

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