Wes Anderson Movies That Are out of This World ...

If you love quirky and offbeat, you surely must be a fan of Wes Anderson. If there was ever a man who has a different view of the world to most filmmakers, it is he. His movies are weirdly wonderful – it’s sometimes as if Willy Wonka is in charge of the whole world. And surprisingly, although there is a signature bizarreness to all Wes Anderson movies, they are very different in subject matter. For fans, here’s a roundup and for newbies, these are the ones to watch.

1. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

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Anderson’s trademark whimsical and quirky style is on full show in this delightful coming of age comedy. Set in 1965 in New England, a pair of young sweethearts run away together, setting off a town search party full of weird and wonderful characters. A star-studded cast including many of Anderson’s favorites like Bill Murray and Ed Norton, Moonrise Kingdom is a film you will want to watch again and again.

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