The 7 Best Movie Trilogies Ever ...

There’s nothing more epic than a movie trilogy done right. Then again, there’s nothing more disappointing that a movie trilogy done wrong. A prime example is The Matrix Trilogy. It had an amazing first movie that blew everyone away. Then the Wachowskis followed that up with two of the hardest to follow, most uninspired excuses for cinema greatness ever committed to DVD. Some trilogies are one continuous story; others are simply sets of movies involving the same characters. Either way, here are seven examples of how to do trilogies right.

7. The Bourne Trilogy

Based on the books of the same name, this is Matt Damon portraying a sort of real life James Bond type special ops solider. It departs pretty heavily from the books, mixing and matching action sequences from the pages so much that they completely leave out an entire book and skip to the ending. Consider the fat trimmed because these movies are amazing. If James Bond hasn’t been rebooted into a Bourne-type fashion, I would have bet money that this action hero would have stolen the torch.