8 Amazing Musical Movies ...

So, I'm a Gleek, although I tried to fight the urge. That's really here nor there, except that being one has made me focus more on music in movies – and musical movies! Lately I've been realizing how many of them are fan-freaking-tastic, but get little love as musicals. That makes me sad. When it comes to musicals, even a bad movie can be rendered excellent if the music is actually good, you know? With that in mind, here are some amazing musical movies I could watch again and again!

1. Rent

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The Better Half is a big Rent fan, both the Broadway show and the movie, and thus can be thanked for getting me on the bandwagon. I don't know why I resisted seeing it for so long, but the story is really, beautifully touching. It's real life – with a soundtrack! Seriously, though, I can never listen to “Seasons of Love” without choking up a little.