7 Greatest Comfort Movies Ever ...

If you’re not a fan of the romantic comedy, I’m afraid you might just hate this post! I have a fail-safe plan of action to soothe my sad feeling when I’m down, and it involves a lot of cake, my PJ’s, and a ton of my favourite Rom Coms, most of which seem to start Hugh Grant! They’re not arty or challenging Oscar winning films, but trust me, they’ll warm you up like a mug of hot chocolate. Oh, and girls: spoiler alert!

1. Notting Hill

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This 1999 gem starring Hugh Grant (surprise surprise!) and Julia Roberts cannot fail to make you smile. It’s about a normal guy who gets involved with a celebrity and retells something of the age-old Cinderella story — but puts the girl in the palace for a change! I love the sweet, dry humour of the dialogue, the way it manages to make London look like a little village community and, of course, the fab ending.

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