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7 Popular Animals in the Movies ...

By Mercy

For generations we have been mesmerized by memorable animal characters on the silver screen. It probably started with Lassie, the lovable collie who always looked out for her owner. Currently there are literally hundreds of movies that had memorable animal characters and here are 7 of the most popular.

1 Simba the Lion

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Disney’s animated feature, The Lion King is a story about responsibility and at the center is the lion cub Simba who runs away when he thinks he caused his father’s death. The story follows Simba’s progression into adulthood and how he realizes his obligations to his family and all the other animals in the kingdom.

2 Sebastian the Crab

Another lovable Disney character is Sebastian the crab, the loyal servant of Ariel the little mermaid. Sebastian with his Caribbean accent and constant attempts to keep up with Ariel offers some of the more lighthearted moments of the movie. He also contributes to one of the most memorable songs of the movie – Under the Sea.

3 The Tiger in the Hangover

The Hangover took the world by storm with the story of three friends stranded in Vegas desperately searching for the fourth member of their party, who was supposed to get married the next day. Right at the start of their hangover adventures, they find themselves in the presence of a Tiger right in their bathroom. Hilarity ensues as they try to return the tiger to its owner – none other than Mike Tyson.

4 Beethoven the Dog

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The story of Beethoven the Saint Bernard was so popular that it resulted in a total of six sequels not all of them enjoying the same popularity as the first. Beethoven, a little St. Bernard pup sneaks into the Newton household and wins over the hearts of all its members except the father, George. Simultaneously Beethoven helps to unravel a wicked animal-testing plot.

5 Mr Tinkles the Cat

The movie Cats and Dogs surrounds an underground spy network of dogs constantly at war with the villains, the Cats. The Cats are led by the evil Mr Tinkles, a snow-white fluffy cat who is hilarious as well as endearing. The special effects are outstanding, as all the animal characters in the movie appear to actually be talking.

6 The Shark in Jaws

Jaws was the first movie of its kind, where a seemingly plausible scenario of a great white shark terrorizing a tourist beach is depicted. The movie achieved something of a cult status and rarely does one not associate sharks with Jaws. 2 sequels to the movie were made each with varied success.

7 Babe the Pig

Babe, the adorable farmyard pig, was able to convince the sheep of his farm to fall in line simply by asking nicely. When his owner the farmer saw this, he decided to enter Babe in a sheep dog competition. The movie wonderfully displays how all the animals rally together to help Babe in his ultimate challenge.

Movies with animals can be endearing, lovable and in some cases horrifying. The 7 animals mentioned here were key characters in their respective movies and played a large part in their box office success.

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