8 Top Impactful and Insightful Documentaries ...


8 Top Impactful and Insightful Documentaries ...
8 Top Impactful and Insightful Documentaries ...

Top Documentaries can be thought provoking and even a little offensive sometimes. That doesn’t mean that some top documentaries are inspiring and in-your-face out there. I love documentaries. I think that they are so different and they reveal a different point of view. So ladies, I’ve compiled my 8 top documentaries that I love and that have changed my views on things a little.

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Bowling for Columbine

This is one of the top documentaries that is so controversial, but still so insightful! This is by far, one of my favorite documentaries of all time. I love the way Michael Moore asked the questions that a lot of people didn’t, the way that he pushed the envelope and showed a different side of the story. Hate him or love him, he was pretty thought provoking in this documentary!


Super Size Me

This is one of those documentaries that really makes you think about what you put into your body. The premise (for those of you that haven’t seen this incredible documentary) is that a perfectly healthy man takes 30 days and eats nothing but McDonald’s. Ladies, if you haven’t seen the toll that it takes on Morgan Spurlock’s body, you should watch this. He gains weight, emotionally damages himself and just feels ill all of the time. It’s so interesting to watch him go through this!



This is another Michael Moore film and one that I love. It sheds a lot of light on our healthcare system and while people might not like Michael Moore, he does have a way of gaining a lot of attention. That’s why this is one of my top documentaries!


Grizzly Man

Did you ever hear of that man that got eaten by bears? Well ladies, this is the guy and the documentary is incredible. It shows his life with the bears and eventually his death. Don’t focus on the death though; focus on what he was trying to do. I swear, this documentary will take you on a rollercoaster of emotion!


Capturing the Friedmans

I love this documentary. It’s so different and it’s so powerful. It’s all based around this typical, upper-middleclass Jewish family that ends up getting charged with some horrible crimes. Watch it ladies, it’ll change the way you think about things!


Man on Wire

If you’re looking for a totally different documentary that is a little off the wall, this one is it! It’s all about Philippe Petit’s illegal venture of tight-roping it across the World Trade Center twin towers. It was set in 1974 and it’s one of the few top documentaries that I could watch over and over again!


Paradise Lost: the Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

Have you ever heard of the West Memphis 3? That’s what this documentary was based on. It’s a walk through the trail, the conviction and all of the controversy that surrounds these murders. There is actually a second movie too, which is just as good. I highly, highly recommend both of these documentaries!


Jesus Camp

This is one of the few religious top documentaries that I like. This film is all about a Christian summer camp that is located just outside of Devil’s Lake, North Dakota and it really goes in deep about just how a camp like this can affect children. Jesus Camp brings a different prospective that I might not have thought of before. It’s a must buy if you are into documentaries!

Even though you might not agree with a lot of what these top documentaries are about, you have to agree that they are thought provoking and that they draw your attention. These are definitely some of my favorite top documentaries, but what about you ladies? What documentaries have you fallen in love with or has moved you? Come on, share with me!

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