8 of My Favorite Action Movies ...


8 of My Favorite Action Movies ...
8 of My Favorite Action Movies ...

Action Movies are my favorite type of movie to watch. I love the thrill and the suspense and the complete excitement of action movies! There are so many great action films it would be hard to name them all, but I did come up with a list of 8 great action movies that are pretty hard to beat! Even if you prefer chick flicks over action most of the time, you're bound to find at least one movie from my list of action movies to love! Keep on reading and you'll see!

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Die Hard

DieHard is one of my favorite action movies-I love the whole series but number one is my favorite! Bruce Willis is bomb as always. I would suggest that you check out all three of these amazing movies, you'll be glad you did!


Mission Impossible

Who doesn't love Tom Cruise? And he's great in Mission Impossible! As usual of course. I could hardly pick a favorite from all of the Mission Impossibles, so my suggestion is that you watch all of them. And if you've seen them already, watch them again! It doesn't hurt to have a Tom Cruise marathon night, right ladies?



My husband and I recently went to see the new X-Men and boy did I love it! They just keep getting better and better! I know, this is another series, but I can't help it, I'm a sucker for a huge story-line! If you haven't seen the newest X-Men yet, make time to do it. But catch up on the story first so you'll be in the loop!


Captain America

Can I just say "Wow!" Captain America is still in theaters and it's already a huge hit! If you haven't seen it already, make time to do it! As soon as this movie comes out on DVD I'm going to be in line to buy it! I'm super excited to own this awesome action movie!


Knight and Day

Cameron Diaz is hot, but she's even hotter with Tom Cruise! And I love the cute story-line behind all the action. But the action is not to be left out! I love the action as much as any other person!


We Were Soldiers

This list has to have at least one war movie on it. My husband and I both love war movies, but then we are patriotic. And I come from a long line of patriotism! My great grandfather, grandfather and father all served in the military. Now my husband is serving and many of my brothers and cousins are joining up. I love studying our country's history and background and I fully support our troops. Put this fantastic movie on your list of action movies to watch-and watch again!



300 is an action flick that is a little more bloody and graphic, so use caution if you get queasy over stuff like this very easily. It's a great movie otherwise! The characters are well played and portrayed and the story line holds true to history. You will be out of your seat and cheering like I was!



The first time I ever saw this movie, I cried like a little baby. It's not your typical action movie as far as flipping cars and smokin' guns go. But it's still got enough gladiator fighting in it to be considered an action film. Be warned-the ending will bring tears!

There are still so many more of my favorite action movies that I wish I had time to share with you today! These are just a very few, but I can assure you they are well-worth your time! Be sure and check out these awesome action movies if you haven't already. And if you have seen one or two of them before, watch them again, just to be reminded of what an excellent action movie it is! If you like action, how about sharing some of your favorite films?

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I love The Bourne Identity, well the whole trilogy! It's perfect with Matt Damon!

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