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What Are the Twilight Movies, really? Sure, it's a vampire love story, filled with high drama, werewolves, clans, and villains. Yes, it's a saga with just one film left. However, a lot of fans wonder what are the Twilight movies, way down deep. What about the trivia? What are some things that many don't know about the films? Good news! If you've ever asked yourself any questions about what are the Twilight movies insofar as trivia goes, I've got some hot must-have info!

1. The Original Cast

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What are the Twilight movies? Well, they almost weren't – at least, they almost weren't the films you love, or hate, or love to hate – whatever the case may be. Stephenie Meyer initially had her own ideas about the cast. Could you imagine hot, badass Charlie Hunnam playing Carlisle? What about Rachael Leigh Cook playing Alice?

2. Script Issues

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In the beginning, MTV actually had the rights to film the books. The movies probably would have turned out way different. However, there were curious issues with the script, so the rights ended up going to Summit Entertainment. They came up with a script in only six weeks' time. Hm.

3. Robert's Faux Pas

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When Robert Pattinson went in for the casting, he didn't know anything about the books. Rumor has it that he only went in the first place because he thought Kristen Stewart was a good actress, especially during Into the Wild. Think he was glad to land the role once he finally read the books?

4. A Musical Crew

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If you're wondering about what are the Twilight movies like behind the scenes, you might be pleased to know that much of the cast is quite musical. Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, and Robert Pattinson can all play the guitar. Jackson (one of my many secret boyfriends) actually has a really great band, known as 100 Monkeys. He also plays the keyboard, and sings like a dream.

5. The Jacob That Almost Wasn't

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As many of you probably know, Taylor Lautner almost didn't get to play Jacob in the rest of the films. The character goes through some dramatic changes, and the powers that be were afraid he wouldn't be able to fit with the role anymore. However, Taylor started training post haste, giving birth to his abs of steel. No wonder it seems like his contract calls for so many shirtless scenes!

6. Humble Beginnings

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We all knew Robert first as Cedric Diggory, but up to that point in his career, his steady job was quite humble. He was a simple but interestingly hot newspaper round! Imagine going from $20 per week to movie star money!

7. My Brown-Eyed Girl

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Kirsten Stewart is well known for her green eyes. Ironically, she was forced to hide them behind contacts all throughout the films. However, there's a certain scene in New Moon where, if you're quick, you might be able to catch a glimpse of green. When Bella breaks up with Jacob, it was raining too much for her to wear them. They fixed the error in post production, but there are still some glimpses.

8. Love and Other Movies

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Hunky Kellen Lutz, who plays Emmett, has starred with Ashley Greene in another film. The two acted together in A Warrior's Heart. The crazy part? They're totally lovers!

9. Old-School Beginnings

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Rumor also has it that, when writing the novels, Meyer turned to Charlotte Bronte for inspiration. Specifically, Bella was modeled after Jane in Jane Eyre. Robert, predictably, was inspired by Edward Rochester. Hmm!

10. It's Not Done

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One answer to the question of what are the Twilight movies is this one: not over! Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be out later this year, wrapping up the saga. It will be the culmination of the story, with Renesmee as a focal point.

There are many answers to the question about what are the Twilight movies. Newcomers to the franchise find themselves asking that frequently. What are the Twilight movies, what do the mean, what don't I know? I hope these trivia facts have sated your appetites! But tell me – what are the Twilight movies to you?

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