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9 Divine Movies Set in Paris ...

By Lyndsie

Paris Movies are among my favorites, because Paris is just my city. The language, the sights, the iconic places, the food, the atmosphere – I love everything about the city, and would happily live there if I weren't hopelessly devoted to staying close to my friends and family. There are a ton of Paris movies I could watch over and over again – and for the most part, I do! If you enjoy this gorgeous city or simply want to enjoy a theatrical experience yourself, then it's definitely in your best interest to check out these divine Paris movies for yourself!

1 Amelie

Amelie is one of my favorite Paris movies, without a question. It just makes me so happy! Audrey Tatou is a gorgeous little pixie girl, and the title character is so inspiring – as is the beautiful backdrop. The film features the 18th district, and it's no surprise that nearly everyone who watched the movie fell head over heels for the area.

2 Valmont

To be honest, I could have put Dangerous Liasons in this spot, and perhaps I should have, because it was a bit better. However, I'm a sucker for Colin Firth and I personally liked this version of the story better. I mean, for me there's nothing better than Paris and Colin Firth, you know?


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3 Funny Face

Ah, my Audrey Hepburn love rears its head! This makes many lists of charming Paris movies, and with good reason. It's jazzy, existential, a little ludicrous, but still absolutely precious. Although, if I'm completely honest? I'm not sure I love the Audrey Hepburn/Fred Astaire pairing. Am I the only one?

4 Before Sunset

This is the sequel to 1995's Before Sunrise, which was largely set in Vienna. This one takes place in Paris, where Celine and Jesse explore the city together, discussing their feelings for each other. It's a lovely, breathless little love story, and the settings are part of the reason for that.

5 Charade

Audrey Hepburn again! That's not the only reason this is one of my favorite Paris movies, but it's a big one! This is a wonderfully dark film, part thriller and part comedy. It pairs her with Cary Grant to perfection, and features mad capers through the gorgeous city.

6 Paris, Je T'Aime

I really love this movie – or should I say “movies,” since it contains so many vignettes. So many directors got together to make the short films included in this movie, and they are all amazing. It's full of talented actors and actresses, and the stories are just really good. It also celebrates the entirety of Paris, not just the popular, touristy bits.

7 An American in Paris

This is one of the most well loved Paris movies ever, and for good reason. Minnelli is basically showcasing his love for the city, and you can feel it in every scene. Gene Kelly stars alongside Leslie Caron, and Gershwin tunes prevail. I always sing along with the scene featuring “I Got Rhythm,” and then find myself singing it for days after.

8 What's New, Pussycat?

This film is deliciously funny, and features a marvelous time in Paris's rich history: the 1960s! It's got my two favorite Peters – O'Toole and the indomitable Sellers, doing character acting as only he could. It's a Woody Allen work of art, and just as wonderfully ridiculous as you would expect.

9 The Man in the Iron Mask

Why is this on my list of Paris movies? You have my high school French teacher, Mademoiselle Mata, to thank. We watched this as soon as it came out on video as a part of learning French history – and every subsequent teacher had us watch it after Mlle. Mata left the school. With five years of French, that's a lot of Leo DiCaprio!

Paris movies make me feel like I'm really there, living and breathing the vibrant city myself. I don't think there are nearly enough Paris movies, either, but then again, it takes a special film to use the city as a backdrop – even if it's just a backdrop, you know? Let me know your favorite Paris movies as well – or share your favorite films set in other fabulous international cities!

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