7 Best Romantic Movie Scenes ...


7 Best Romantic Movie Scenes ...
7 Best Romantic Movie Scenes ...

I don’t know about you but for me, the best romantic movie scenes are one of the things that make a certain movie worth watching and I simply hate when movie directors opt for those cliché teasers such as interrupting a kiss. Such a decision has totally ruined Babylon A.D for me! Fortunately, there are plenty of other great romantic movies and, although some of them are waaay too old or way too cheesy, I can’t seem to get them off my mind simply because they contain some of the most romantic movie scenes ever. Now, I’m sure you have your list of best romantic movie scenes too, so let’s compare notes!

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Raise your hand if you think the pottery scene was one of the most romantic movie scenes ever! I’ve seen this movie like a dozen times and I’d still watch it simply because of that scene. Why? Because the emotion the ghost Sam and a very much alive Molly share in that scene is something out of this world (literally!).


Sleepless in Seattle

When you have Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks starring in the same movie, you simply know there’s going to be an “Awwww” moment. Now, for me Sleepless in Seattle is basically one big “Awww” because everything from the way they met each other to the very last “happy ending” scene is so breathtaking. They make such a great pair!



Okay, please don’t laugh, now! You won’t? Well, good, because I’d like to remind you of that legendary steamy car scene, the famous “flying” scene and, of course, the ultimate act of love – Jack’s dying so Rose could live. Now, if these scenes didn’t make your eyes even a bit wet then you have every right to say the movie sucked. I’ve cried and I’m not embarrassed to admit that.


An Officer and a Gentleman

This movie is older than I am and I must say that, if it wasn’t for my cable TV, the MGM channel and one utterly boring Sunday evening, I’d probably never get to see this version of Richard Gere. Navy officer and a real gentleman – now that’s something you definitely must see! But the ending is just… well I won’t ruin it for you so let me just tell you this – it’s breathtaking, it’s old Hollywood and it’s sooo “retromantic”!



Have you watched this movie? Well, in case you haven’t you better do it soon because we simply can’t discuss best romantic movie scenes without paying special credit to this somewhat sad classic. Rick and Lisa didn’t have their happy ending but they sure taught us what true love is all about – letting go. And you know that “We'll always have Paris” quote? Well, now you know where it came from.


Say Anything

The '80s might strike you as a bit odd in terms of fashion but if you really want to enjoy an urban serenade love scene, I suggest you check this one out. I mean, come on, a guy holding a boom box over his head trying to win his girl back! Priceless! It’s actually a very nice love-story about a girl and a boy who manage to keep dating despite their differences. Beauty and the beast, lady and the tramp, daddy’s girl and the underdog… you know…


The Wedding Singer

Okay, here’s one movie I’m sure you’ve all seen! Right? Well, although I prefer Adam Sandler’s comic side, I must agree he and Drew Barrymore always manage to create some of the most romantic movie scenes ever. In fact, it’s kind of like that Meg Ryan-Tom Hanks thing – you simply know there’s going to be some tears. Remember that scene in the airplane when he sings for her? Awwww! I’d really like to see some guy try that for real!

Well, ladies, these were my 7 best romantic movie scenes and now it’s time to tell me yours! Let me know if you agree with me on any of these! How about the Gone With The Wind scenes?

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How is The Notebook not on this list?

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