8 Most Romantic Love Scenes ...


8 Most Romantic Love Scenes ...
8 Most Romantic Love Scenes ...

Everyone loves a good love story, but there are a few classic movies that give us an unforgettable look at romance. We clutched our tissues and stifled our sobs when we saw “The Notebook” and we could never forget the fire escape moment from “Pretty Woman”. If you are a true romantic at heart, you have probably seen these love stories time and time again. Some movies never get old! Here are the 8 most romantic love scenes captured on film.

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“when Harry Met Sally” - the New Years Moment

“when Harry Met Sally” - the New Years Moment Image Source: totakethetrain.files.wordpress.com

After watching Harry and Sally tap dance around a love affair through this entire movie, we are left with one final scene that makes it all worthwhile. Suddenly it’s New Years Eve and Harry finds Sally looking fabulous. In his most desperate tone, he finally tells her that she is the only one for him. He says, "I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." This has got to be the most romantic thing I have ever heard in my entire life. Kudos to Harry!


“Romeo and Juliet” - First Glances

“Romeo and Juliet” - First Glances Image Source: a323.yahoofs.com

I was only 14 when I first saw the 1996 version of “Romeo and Juliet” but I will never forget how it made me feel. When Romeo and Juliet first meet, they see each other through the fish tank and they lock eyes. It is ELECTRIC. This movie made me think that love at first sight it actually possible. There was just something about the way he looked at her through the fish tank.


“Sleepless in Seattle” - What’s so Amazing about Her

“Sleepless in Seattle” - What’s so Amazing about Her Image Source: images.pictureshunt.com

In a heart wrenching phone call to a pushy radio host, the sweet son of a broken hearted widower reveals that he wants his dad to find a new wife for Christmas. His dad gets on the phone and ends up in a long dialogue about why his deceased wife was amazing. He describes how she could peel an entire apple in “one long curly strip”. This has got to be one of the most romantic scenes every simply because it showed a man who loved a woman in such a way that the tiniest details of her fascinated him.


“the Wedding Singer” - the Airplane Serenade

“the Wedding Singer” - the Airplane Serenade Image Source: digitalbusstop.com

It was one of the most adorable movie moments ever when Adam Sandler’s character “Robbie the Wedding Singer” takes over the airplane’s PA system and starts singing a song he wrote to Julia, the table waiting love of his life. He croons “I want to grow old with you” just in time to win her heart. (Insert romantic sigh here!)


“Runaway Bride” - What You Really Want

“Runaway Bride” - What You Really Want Image Source: yfittopostblogin.files.wordpress.com

In a moment that I can only describe as “swoon worthy”, the snaky reporter played by the gorgeous Richard Gere corners the runaway bride. He confronts her with the following line: “You want a man who’ll lead you down the beach with his hand over your eyes, just so you can discover the feel of sand under your feet. You want a guy that’ll wake you up at dawn. He’s just bursting to talk to you, can’t wait another minute just to find out what you’ll say. Am I right?” At this point you can find me passionately shouting at the television, “Yes Richard! Yes I do!” Oh come on… you thought it too!


“Pretty Woman” - the Fire Escape Rescue

“Pretty Woman” - the Fire Escape Rescue Image Source: s3.amazonaws.com

After realizing he loves the prostitute he just spent a week with, Richard Gere conquers his fear of heights and climbs a fire escape to get to her apartment. This is the ultimate “rescued by Prince Charming” movie moment in the history of film. By the way, you can’t tell I have a thing for Richard Gere, can you?


“Armageddon” - Animals Crackers

“Armageddon” - Animals Crackers Image Source: wonq.files.wordpress.com

Nothing breaks the ice like a moment of silliness. As Ben Affleck’s character faces an upcoming mission to save the world (literally), he takes a moment to ease the tension with animal crackers climbing the landscape of his girlfriend’s body. It is a sweet moment of intimacy between young lovers who know they might never be together again.


“the Notebook” - the Ending

“the Notebook” - the Ending Image Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com

No love story has ever captured the beauty of lifelong marriage like “The Notebook”. The end of this movie is beautiful as the staff in the nursing home find the husband and wife lying together lifelessly. We are led to believe that they just died together because one of them could not possibly exist without the other after a lifetime of sharing every breath.

These are the 8 most romantic movie love scenes ever. If we take an honest look, these movies have probably affected us all in one way or another. They shaped how we viewed love, romance, and intimacy. What is your favorite romantic movie scene ever?

Top image source: totakethetrain.files.wordpress.com

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really beautiful <3

Think you should check out British mini series North and South made in 2004 with Richard Armitage. The last five minutes of the series is one of the most romantic I've seen on the small screen. If you don't know who Richard Armitage is, check out Thorin in The Hobbit.


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