Top 7 Romantic Comedies ...


Top 7 Romantic Comedies ...
Top 7 Romantic Comedies ...

Romantic Comedies have long been a staple of American films. A good romantic comedy typically features two people that face seemingly insurmountable obstacles and eventually end up living happily-ever-after. These films make us cheer on the characters and believe again that true love does exist, that there is someone out there meant just for us, and that romance can overcome any obstacle. Here are my top 7 romantic comedies to watch when I need a good chick flick.

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While You Were Sleeping

This enchanting movie features Sandra Bullock as Lucy, Bill Pullman as Jack, and Peter Gallagher as Peter. The story revolves around Lucy’s quest to marry the man she sees at the train station every morning. She dreams of their happily ever after until an accident leaves him in a coma. She saves his life and in the ultimate mix up, she ends up being mistaken for his wife to be. Things get complicated when he wakes up and doesn’t remember her and his brother begins to fall in love with Lucy. This movie makes me laugh (and cry!) every time.


When Harry Met Sally

This fun film features Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal portraying the story of two strangers over the course of thirteen years. The chemistry between the two, a strong soundtrack by Harry Connick Jr., as well as an interesting plot has made this movie one of the best romantic comedies of the 1980s and all time!


Four Weddings and a Funeral

Funny, interesting, romantic comedy at its best. It is elegantly shot, and easily blends drama with humor. This story has just enough irony and sarcasm to make it a must have in your collection of chick flicks.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Adapted from a Broadway show, this movie features one woman’s journey from her family’s restaurant to the altar. Forced to confront her Greek heritage and decide how it will fit in with her marriage to a very non-Greek boyfriend, she learns that family is a blessing even at their wackiest.



A professional “date doctor” helps men woo their true loves, yet can’t seem to win over a gossip columnist that he is smitten with. With Will Smith and Eva Mendez, this movie was pretty much guaranteed to be a success. When you add in Kevin James as Hitch’s dorky client, it is a grand slam in the romantic comedy department.


Sweet Home Alabama

A beautiful, free spirited young woman with a “white trash” background flees from Alabama to New York City where she reinvents herself and her life. When she’s forced to return home to try to clear the way for her upcoming wedding, she is reminded that you can’t always tell your heart who to love.


Notting Hill

A bookkeeper’s life is turned completely upside-down when he meets one of the world’s most famous stars. Starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, this film will make you laugh, cry, and believe in true love again.

These top 7 Romantic Comedies are movies that make you feel good and want to watch them again and again. You can relax, unwind, and escape from reality for a little while when you’re watching the characters on screen overcome any barriers that stand in their way to their love. Although some romantic comedies may feature plots that are a little far-fetched, it is still a genre that will be around for many years to come. What is your favorite romantic comedy?

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