7 Great Foreign Films with Subtitles ...

Great Foreign Films with Subtitles are among my favourite kinds of movies. There is something romantic about foreign films. The characters, places, and events seem familiar yet sound-- different. I love the idea of having to work for the story by reading subtitles. I also enjoy the talent of foreign actors-- as well as the architecture of other lands. These great foreign films with subtitles will make you happy, sad, and just feel for the people in them. Check out these 7 great foreign films featuring subtitles.

1. Amelie

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Amelie is a truly great foreign film with subtitles. Amelie herself is a day dreamer that cannot seem to settle down. Her curiosity is refreshing and hopeful. She may seem naΓ―ve but in the best possible way. Amelie will teach you to indulge in the small moments and take pleasure with details in life. Her adventure is special and the days are never dull. Watch closely as she may catch the target of her tricks.

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