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7 Great Foreign Films with Subtitles ...

By Maria

Great Foreign Films with Subtitles are among my favourite kinds of movies. There is something romantic about foreign films. The characters, places, and events seem familiar yet sound-- different. I love the idea of having to work for the story by reading subtitles. I also enjoy the talent of foreign actors-- as well as the architecture of other lands. These great foreign films with subtitles will make you happy, sad, and just feel for the people in them. Check out these 7 great foreign films featuring subtitles.

1 Amelie

AmeliePrice: $14.99 at

Amelie is a truly great foreign film with subtitles. Amelie herself is a day dreamer that cannot seem to settle down. Her curiosity is refreshing and hopeful. She may seem naïve but in the best possible way. Amelie will teach you to indulge in the small moments and take pleasure with details in life. Her adventure is special and the days are never dull. Watch closely as she may catch the target of her tricks.

2 Love Me if You Dare

Love Me if You DarePrice: $12.89 at

This is a unique story of best friends who cannot be separated- physically or emotionally. Imagine a child’s perspective filled with selective memory… changing with each story told of the past. Even when the couple does distance themselves after college, you get a glimpse into their routine mundane lives until they find each other again-- and dare not let go.

3 Science of Sleep

Science of SleepPrice: $12.59 at

This Spanish French & English film is as mixed up as the languages spoken by the main characters. Stephane has an out of this world imagination full of clever tricks as well as hopeful secret romance. His distortion of reality pushes away the girl he wants as she cannot tell if he is sleep walking or sincerely walking naked through the hallway of their apartments. There is a serious language barrier and this boy is so mixed up-- only thing for sure is that, if you watch this spectacularly great foreign film with subtitles, you will fall for him.

4 Coco before Chanel

Coco before ChanelPrice: $20.49 at

Did you know that Coco Chanel was an orphan before her name was on your designer bag? Coco would not compromise her attitude or opinion for the sake of those around her. She refused to conform to their feathers, bling and over indulged fashion statements. Coco was a minimalist and simply chic in her straw hats and self made suits. This style icon had an androgynous style both inside and out, which made you both uncomfortable and drawn to her. All you want for her is to fall in love-- and she does-- but he just might be too good to be true.

5 Breathless

BreathlessPrice: $29.99 at

For 1960, this French film was pretty risqué. A criminal tries to convince his pixie haired conquest to escape to Italy with him. The sassy girl refuses to fall in love-- claiming her independence. Mystery Music sets the scene as scandals go on behind the pixie’s back. My favorite line of the movie-- spoken by Patricia: “I don’t know if I’m unhappy because I’m not free or if I’m not free because I’m unhappy”… by the end she seems to be free but may remain unhappy. It's the message as much as the movie itself that makes this a great foreign film with subtitles.

6 Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan’s LabyrinthPrice: $10.19 at

This Spanish fairy tale is outstanding. The movie takes place in the time of a past War-- fictional-- yet frightening. There are creatures which seem to represent characters that the little dark haired girl follows on her journey through the labyrinth. Adventure and tragedy ensues leaving you wondering what was real-- long after you were right there in the mud on that rainy day with the giant toad. Her mythical friends may have been just the distraction necessary to get her through that trip with her mother.

7 The Motorcycle Diaries

The Motorcycle DiariesPrice: $12.82 at

Traveling throughout the world to witness devastation and hardship could inspire a man. This great foreign film with subtitles was based on actual events of Che Guevera’s early days of travel via motorcycle. His journey as a young man inspired him to spread the word about making change. This movie may make you want to start a revolution. Do it.

These are just some of the great foreign films with subtitles out there. It is rewarding to see how other cultures communicate and feel. Of course, it can also be difficult for some people to follow movies like this; they may be great foreign films with subtitles, but they aren't everyone's cup of tea. If you like them, then tell me-- what are some of your favorite, great foreign films with subtitles?

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