8 Classic Movies Everyone Should See ...


8 Classic Movies Everyone Should See ...
8 Classic Movies Everyone Should See ...

I am a total classic movie buff. I love black and whites, and early color movies. I love the vibrancy, the decadence, the fact that the movies relied far more on plot than costumes or special effects or anything else – even when they had to use those things. I know everybody has a different definition of what is classic, but all the same, here are the 8 classic movies I think everyone should see.

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Sabrina Price: $10.49 at amazon.com
A pox on the remake with Julia Ormond, Harrison Ford, and Greg Kinear! A pox on all their houses! Sabrina is not Sabrina without Audrey Hepburn, William Holden, and the inestimable Humphrey Bogart. This movie had me from the very first time I saw it. I fell head over heels for Audrey and her pixie cut, and I bit my nails as I waited impatiently to see if she and Bogie would get it together.



Casablanca Price: $5.49 at amazon.com
You're going to see a lot of Humphrey Bogart here, actually. He was so iconic in his day, and honestly starred in some of the best movies of all time. Casablanca was his it-movie, without a doubt. It's the movie everyone quotes, and it's typically what people think about when Bogie comes to mind at all – with good reason. Bogart, Peter Lorre, Ingrid Bergman – what more do you need? That ending, that's what.


Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's Price: $9.99 at amazon.com
And of course you'll be seeing lots of Audrey Hepburn as well. I probably would marry her if I possibly could. Holly and Fred. The movie is a lot different from the story, but I don't even care because it works. Frankly, I don't know how Truman Capote could actually read about the character he created, and think anyone else in the world could do her justice.


The Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon Price: $6.49 at amazon.com
Bogie again. This movie is one of the greatest mysteries ever. It is also a great example of the whole film noir genre. And I don't even care how vicious Bogie got in this, I think he was ridiculously hot. I'm a strange girl.


The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz Price: $11.19 at amazon.com
Can you believe how badly this iconic film got panned when it first came out? How could anyone not fall in love with it? Unbelievably, there are still people who haven't seen the magic of the Yellow Brick Road and the Emerald City. Movies like this are a rarity, and it makes me sad that you just can't find them like this anymore.


Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind Price: $11.49 at amazon.com
You can't find movies like this anymore, either. It really is an iconic romance, but to me, even more than that, it is straight up classic. Vivien Leigh is more Southern than most Southern girls, and Rhett Butler – well, there's a reason the entire world fell in love with him. I love the vibrant colors, although they would probably be panned today. I even love the tension that came from having so many different directors.


Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane Price: $49.95 at amazon.com
I love Orson Welles. I love that signature voice, and I love his turn as an actor. He is brilliant, this movie is brilliant. It's full of real twists, of the sort that M. Night Shyamalan can only see in his dreams. Protip: if you can ever hear Orson's reading of War of the Worlds, do it!


Streetcar Named Desire

Streetcar Named Desire Price: $10.99 at amazon.com
Again, Vivien Leigh sounds more Southern than Southern, and she plays the wounded, bruised magnolia so well. This movie is iconic for a number of reasons, and it is frequently quoted as well. I love it because I adore Tennessee Williams, Miss Leigh, and because it made me fall in love with the young Marlon Brando.

As I said, classic movies will be different for everyone. I'm sure I forgot a few. So, I'm pleased to hear yours – what classic movies do you love?

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