10 Worst Movies of 2011 ...


10 Worst Movies of 2011 ...
10 Worst Movies of 2011 ...

Worst Movies 2011 edition**:** designed to save you from checking out any of this year's movies that may not be worth your time. Coming up with any worst movies 2011 list is pretty difficult, just because 2011 was a year for pretty stellar movies. Don't worry, though, there were still plenty of stinkers. Now, mind, not everyone will think the films on my worst movies 2011 list are bad, and that's totally cool – most of the movies I like best are described as clunkers, so don't be afraid to present your case and change my mind after reading this!

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Conan the Barbarian

The first movie only list of the worst movies 2011 edition, is a remake, or at least a redo. Surprise. Conan was just bad. I mean, Jason Momoa is kind of hot, but he's stepping into Arnold Schwarzenegger's shoes here. Granted, the first Conan is just a cult classic, but that's mainly because it didn't take itself at all seriously and its tongue was firmly lodged in its cheek. This one? Not so much.


The Smurfs

This movie. This movie! It's having its way with my childhood! I know a lot of people liked it, but it really didn't do that well. I thought the same thing I thought when they made the Chipmunks into this live action thing, but never mind my disdain, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are at least doing well. The Smurfs, not so much – although can I just say that Neil Patrick Harris was a delight?


Johnny English Reborn

I was not surprised that this movie did badly, but I was kind of sad. I hated the first one due solely to the fact that Natalie Imbruglia is like my archnemesis, but I do adore Rowan Atkinson. He's so good in so many of his films, but this one … wasn't one of them.



I love Russell Brand, I really do. But I think he should have known better than to mess with a classic. This is kind of like Jude Law's remake of Alfie. I wanted to like it, I adore Jude Law, but sometimes you just can't mess with an original, especially when it's particularly well loved. This basically makes it onto the list of the worst movies 2011 edition because it didn't star Dudley Moore, you know?


Green Lantern

I really wanted to like this movie was well. I mean, it's Ryan Reynolds in a tight suit. It just didn't quite make it. On the surface it was action filled and fun, but movies like The Dark Knight and Spider-Man have taught us that we want some angst and serious back story with our superhero movies, please. Ryan didn't get to use enough of his dry, wry wit, and the whole thing just fell kind of flat. Except for the suit.


Sucker Punch

Evidently I'm only one of 20 or so people who liked this movie. At the same time, however, I can understand why it caused such friction among moviegoers. Why do so many consider it one of the worst movies of the year? The message, mainly. Where it could have been a satirical adventure embracing the whole idea of women fighting back against society, it instead because a stereotypical girls-in-tight-clothes kind of catchall. It wasn't quite what anyone expected it to be, but it had so much potential!


Mars Needs Moms

This isn't just one of the worst movie 2011 style. It's one of the worst movies ever, courtesy of its box office bomb status. It brought in nothing. The story was awful, the execution was bad, and the whole thing was just kind of boring. It also looks creepy. The pseudo-animation, I mean. It just looked weird. Mars can go without moms, thanks.


The Dilemma

I hate putting this movie on the list. I hate it. I love Vince Vaughn so much, I can watch almost anything he's in, but this was just … it was not great. Usually Ron Howard's direction is excellent, but this movie was just confusing and confused. One moment it's light, the next it's depressing, but there was no balance at all. And there seemed to be no chemistry at all between the cast.


Big Mommas: like Father, like Son

I used to really love Martin Lawrence, and although the original Big Momma wasn't precisely a good movie, it was funny. I'm worried, now, that Martin's trying too hard. One movie on the list of the worst movies of 2011 does not a failed career make, but he hasn't had a lot of good ones lately. And this one … sometimes creating a sequel after an initially funny concept is just boring.


The Roommate

The problem with this movie is actually its title. I think if it had been titled Single White Female: The College Years, it might have done better. The premise of this movie is so overdone that it needed really good acting to carry it off properly. Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly aren't bad actresses by any means, but I don't think they had enough experience to pull off this schtick.

Okay, apparently I was wrong; there were a lot of really bad movies this year. Then again, lots of reviewers hated on really popular movies, like Pirates of the Caribbean. Any worst movies 2011 list is subjective, because everyone likes different movies. And what defines the “**worst movies 2011**” criteria, anyway? Generally, if something did horribly at the box office, it falls on a list like this. Sometimes, however, underrated films end up on lists of the worst movies 2011. So what's your opinion of this year's worst movies? Let me know if you agree or disagree, and why!

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