8 Delicious Must-Have Movie Snacks ...


8 Delicious Must-Have Movie Snacks ...
8 Delicious Must-Have Movie Snacks ...

Movie Snacks are an essential part of the movie-viewing experience. When you go to the cinema, part of the appeal is knowing you're going to sit in a cozy theatre, guzzling soda, scarfing popcorn, and indulging your sweet tooth with some gooey treat. Okay, so some people aren't into that, but I love those unhealthy movie snacks! I'm crazy for movie popcorn especially, and it's just not the same if you pop it in the microwave. So take a look at the most delicious must-have movie snacks, and see if you agree with my choices!

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Popcorn is, of course, the end-all, be-all of movie snacks. It's tops. Maybe it's the fake butter or the slightly stale chewiness, I don't know. Whatever it is, there's just something magical about movie popcorn. I mean, why else do we shovel it in even if we just had a large dinner? How else do we manage to get through it before the previews end? In defense, however, previews are getting longer and longer.



These are one of my favorites. Chocolate and fruit! It's the best combination on earth. Plus, since they're small, I can never get threw a whole box during the movie, so I feel moderately less guilty.



I love Twizzlers all the time. They make terrific movie snacks. You can just chew and chew and chew. The downside? If you get really into the movie, you can get through three whips without even realizing how it happened.



I've never gotten on the Sno-Caps train, although I have nothing against them. They're tasty, but they're not Raisinets. However, they're a big movie favorite. And, again, since they're smaller, it's way easier to save a bunch for later. Mmm, leftover movie treats!



If you're into something fruity, Skittles make great movie snacks. I don't like having them at the movies, though. It's so dark, I can't eat them in my preferred pattern: grape and orange pawned off on the Better Half, so that I can focus on lemon, then lime, then strawberry. Because I like them the best!


Gummi Bears

Gummi Bears make juicy, fruity treats, too. Of course, sometimes I get distracted by the film and just end up chewing those poor little things to death. The good news is that the theatre is always dark, so no one will spot you picking Gummi Bear out of your teeth.


Milk Duds

Milk Duds create that chewing problem too, but who cares? They're chocolate and caramel! Duds are very popular movie snacks – and, again, when it's dark and the theatre isn't crowded, you can do that sucky thing to get rid of the caramel.


Junior Mints

Nothing is more refreshing than Junior Mints! A little chocolate, a little peppermint, and you banish your popcorn breath. As such, these are great for movie dates, if you plan on getting or giving a good night kiss later.

Movie snacks are so bad for you … but they're so good. You can chow down on your favorite movie snacks without totally obliterating your waist line, though. Moderation is always key, so share your snacks and get a small popcorn. I always avoid things like nachos and hot dogs because, to me, that's like taking a meal into the movie theatre. However, if you go that route, more power to you – and you can totally share your nachos, if you want. Do you buy movie snacks at the theatre, or sneak them in with you?

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