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7 Best Cop Movies You Can't Resist ...

By Lyndsie

Cop Movies are another one of my guilty pleasures – especially buddy cop movies! I love a good car chase, and sometimes a shoot-'em-up scene really calms my nerves – you know, on those days when I feel like taking out some aggression on some stressful situation. Cop movies are by no means just for guys, especially in this day and age, so if you like funny cop flicks or nitty gritty detective movies, too, I've got a great list for you!

1 The Untouchables

I've got this thing about Eliot Ness, Al Capone, and that whole era, which is why this is one of my favorite cop movies. With a cast containing Robert De Niro, Sean Connery, and Kevin Costner, you really can't go wrong. If you've got a thing for the Prohibition era and all its dirty dealings, too, I really recommend not just this movie, but also the novel by the same name.

2 Lethal Weapon

Remember the days when we all praised Mel Gibson for his acting abilities rather than his rants and abusive behavior? If you don't, give this a watch. It's a classic, and it's just a damn good movie. It also features a pre-crazy Gary Busey. Well, he was still crazy, but at this point, it still worked for him rather than against him.

3 Beverly Hills Cop

Likewise, if you ever forget how awesome Eddie Murphy used to be, just give this a watch. It's one of the best cop movies for a reason. Axel is absolutely aces. The movies that came after weren't half bad either, but this one was unquestionably tops – funny and thrilling, the perfect combination for a cop flick!

4 The Professional

Also known as Leon, this movie is actually a French film, with Gary Oldman and Jean Reno. Oh, and a little actress you might know, Natalie Portman. It was this movie that proved just how phenomenal she could be. The vibe between Mathilda and Leon is actually kind of sweet – a little creepy sometimes, but that actually adds to the movie.

5 Die Hard

I love all of the Die Hard flicks, as it happens. They're some of the best cop movies I've ever had the pleasure to watch, with just the right amount of comedy to go with the thrills, chills, and chases. And I'll be honest, I've got a mad thing for Bruce Willis, I still think he's deadly hot. There's just something about the guy.

6 Street Kings

Truth? Truth. I initially saw this because Hugh Laurie is in it. Surprisingly, Keanu Reeves wasn't horrible either, but it's the cast as a whole that makes this film good, at least to me. It's all about breaking the rules, and I always love a little corruption, especially when it includes actors like my beloved Hugh, Forest Whitaker, and Jay Mohr.

7 L.a. Confidential

This is one of my favorite ever cop movies, primarily thanks to Kevin Spacey. I will watch Kevin Spacey in absolutely anything, but this is one of his best films. It's dark and sexy and generally full of awesomeness – and it also features Russell Crowe before he started throwing cell phones, so that's a plus!

These are some of my favorite cop movies, but there are tons more. There are, as you can see, funny cop movies, thrilling films, and serious dramas – it all depends on what you're in the mood for and what you like! If cop movies are your thing, why don't you share some of the ones you love most?

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