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7 Incredible Cult Movies Not to Miss ...

By Lyndsie

Cult Movies are so great – they're like well kept secret that hardly anyone knows about and that hardcore fans won't share. Of course, when I talk about cult movies, I don't mean movies about cults! I mean those films that may not have been critically acclaimed, or may not have appealed to a mainstream audience, but were picked up by groups of close-knit fans that love the flicks enough to make them insta-classics. If you can sing along, quote the dialogue, or add your own, so much the better. There are tons of really incredible cult movies you shouldn't miss, so check out my favorites and don't be afraid to add your own!

Table of contents:

  1. Rocky horror picture show
  2. Pink flamingos
  3. Plan 9 from outer space
  4. Donnie darko
  5. This is spinal tap
  6. The big lebowski
  7. Fight club

1 Rocky Horror Picture Show

You can't mention cult movies without talking about Rocky Horror. This movie spawns so many quirky fans, it's awesome. There are buttoned down businessmen who happily dress up like Frank-N-Furter or Riff Raff. You never know who might be an RHPS fan, but once you find out, you're like BFFs for life.

2 Pink Flamingos

I could add a lot of John Waters films to this list, but filthy Pink Flamingos is always tops. It's largely because of the divine Divine, though for similar reasons the original Hairspray has a huge cult following. That's the crux of the John Waters aesthetic, though: it's all underground, baby, so it can get as raunchy as he wants it.

3 Plan 9 from Outer Space

Of course Ed Wood is responsible for one of the most popular cult movies ever. This movie is just so awful, it's awesome. Watching it makes it easy to see why Tim Burton idolized this guy. And yeah, those saucers are composed of plates. Dangling on strings.

4 Donnie Darko

This is seriously one of the best movies Jake Gyllenhaal ever played in – and mind, I love me some Jake Gyllenhaal. It wasn't a commercial success but its cult following is rabid for this movie. It's thrilling, it's a psychological mind-screw, and it features a really manipulative bunny. What more could you ask for?

5 This is Spinal Tap

A lot of Christopher Guest's films have become cult movies too. He's pretty much singlehandedly responsible for making mockumentaries popular. However, This Is Spinal Tap stands out more than any other of Guest's incredible flicks – and with good reason. This is no ordinary Brit rocker hair band, y'all.

6 The Big Lebowski

I love this movie. It has just become amazingly popular in an underground way, which really makes it all the better. It's a masterpiece from the Coen brothers, and it is just … it's amazing. It has what's basically now they're signature cast – John Goodman and John Turturro for starters – along with a genius Jeff Bridges and an always phenomenal Steve Buscemi. I definitely drank the White Russian that caused me to fall under this movie's spell.

7 Fight Club

Fight Club is one of those cult movies that was still pretty successful when it came out, but picked up a lot of steam after the fact. It's just a legend now, spawning real fight clubs and total anarchy all over the world. It's just … oh man, this movie is so frigging sexy.

To me, cult movies are like really good books that you pick up at the supermarket or something. They're not popular among the mainstream, but the stories are amazing. With cult movies, meeting someone who's a member of the core group of fans is like meeting an old friend. Head to a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show to see what I mean. You can also, as mentioned, view a screening of almost any of John Waters' films. Bless that man, I'd marry him if we were each other's types at all. So, what are some of your favorite cult movies and why do you love them?

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