7 Foreign Movies to Add to Your Movie Collection ...

Don’t let the thought of subtitles put you off watching these films - these foreign movies rank up there with some of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Within minutes of starting these movies, you forget they even have subtitles and fall deeply under their captivating spell. Watching foreign movies allows you to experience life in another country, even if just for a while. I really hope you enjoy these foreign films and I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

1. The Hunt

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The Hunt tops this list of amazing foreign movies, for every reason possible! The dreamy, Danish Mads Mikkelsen (who made it to the English-speaking film stage with his starring role as Le Chiffre in The Bond Movie, Casino Royale) plays a kindergarten teacher, Lucas, who is wrongly accused of sexually assaulting a child. Throughout the course of this film, we see the effects of false accusations on not only Lucas but everyone around him. This is a truly beautiful movie.

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