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Exact quote from my husband: "There are so many superhero movies that didn't do well at the box office that you will need to tape my mouth so I will stop talking about them." I watch a lot of films but between the two us, I fade into nothingness by the sheer amount of movies that my husband already devoured. Growing up with comic books as his main reading materials, he holds an incredibly massive memory of all superhero characters and the movies that attempted to bring them to life on the silver screen. Here are seven superhero movies that didn't do well at the box office, which I compiled with him:

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Has anybody in this generation seen this movie? I didn't until my movie buff of a husband told me about it. Based on the DC comics character John Henry Irons (and his alter-ego, Steel), this 1997 film starring Shaquille O'Neal is a heartbreaker because everything crashed down with bad timing, bad acting, and bad script. Budget? $16 million, but it was only able to generate $1.7 million, making it one of the superhero movies that didn't do well at the box office.



I hate seeing this in this list because this movie had Jennifer Garner as the main character and I love her! There was nothing really explosive about the plot, which involved Elektra getting hired to kill a certain Mark Miller, but she later defied orders and protected her target. The film was said to have earned a $13 million profit but still, it didn't escape very negative reviews. Well, at least, they didn't lose money.


Green Lantern

This film had too much marketing hype. I was constantly bombarded by trailers of this superhero film six months before it was shown in theaters. Released in 2011 and starring Ryan Reynolds, Green Lantern miserably failed moviegoers worldwide. Too much use of effects and honestly, the dialogues were trying too hard to sound crisp and funny.



Starring Halle Berry, this one was positioned to be a blockbuster and then...boom! Major movie flop! This one's a real pain in movie producers' bank accounts: $100 million budget but only $82 million in the box office. What happened? Replacing Selina Kyle with a whole new character who had a name like Patience Phillips just spelled disaster in bold, capital letters. Moviegoers just didn't take the bait.


Superman IV: the Quest for Peace

Christopher Reeve ultimately went public and called this 1987 film as a "catastrophe" and "a huge blow to my career." I guess that happens when you stretch a film series for too long - you run out of creative juices and the actors appear boring. Oh well, they really are boring.



Before Superman IV was released, Christopher Reeve was supposed to have a cameo appearance as Superman in this 1984 film called Supergirl, but he wasn't available. The storyline says Kara Zor-el/Supergirl/Linda Lee came from a Kryptonian community called Argo City. I guess the audience found this film's kryptonite, as it went on as one of history's major superhero movie flops.


Jonah Hex

Who cares if Megan Fox is here? This DC character adapted into a film in 2010 just didn't survive in the cutthroat competition involving superhero movies. Budget of $47 million but it only earned close to $11 million, what could be more depressing than that?

Any more Superhero movies that you know that failed terribly in the box office? What do you think about them?

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I loved Supergirl!!

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