7 Amazing Movies to Get You Excited for Fall ...

There are plenty of movies to get you excited for fall. Autumn is a wonderful time to watch movies. The weather’s getting chillier, the nights are getting shorter, and the movies are getting spookier. Whether you’re in the mood for a Halloween movie, or a romantic comedy known for its autumn scenery, there are movies to get you excited for fall on this list!

1. You’ve Got Mail

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When I think of New York in the fall, I think of the New York Nora Ephron created in her movies, and You’ve Got Mail is the prime example. Although it takes place in every season, fall is definitely the most notable throughout the film. Accompanied with a superb soundtrack, You’ve Got Mail is one of the most perfect romantic comedies that features autumn as a third main character, and one of the best movies to get you excited for fall!

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