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Fun Flicks for Your Next Girls' Night in ...

By Teresa

It can be hard to make a decision when choosing movies for a girls’ night in. You can go the emotional route, the friendship route, or simply the romantic comedy route. These movies for a girls’ night in touch all of those genres, and are perfect for whatever mood you’re in. No matter what route you choose to go, these movies will be perfect for your next girls’ night in!

1 Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama is just one of those movies that make you feel happy and warm, and what better choice for a movie on a girls’ night in! It’s one of the few good, cute, and simple romantic comedies from the past decade or so, with all of the classic romantic comedy tropes that we all know and love. It’s one of the best movies for a girls’ night in!

2 You’ve Got Mail

I feel the need to offer a disclaimer here. You’ve Got Mail is one of my favorite movies. However, even if it weren’t, I would still reach for it when trying to decide on a movie to watch during a girls’ night in. In fact, I have reached for it numerous times during a girls’ night in. It’s a typical Nora Ephron movie, and with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks starring in it, there’s not much else you could want in a romantic comedy!

3 Clueless

Whether or not you’re a product of the nineties, this movie is a must-watch during a girls’ night in. The first time I watched this movie was during a girls’ night in, and it’s honestly the perfect setting to watch this movie in. It’s hilariously ridiculous, and it’s perfect for laughing until you can’t breathe with your best friends.

4 The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I think it goes without saying that The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is the ultimate movie about friendship, making it perfect for a night in with your girls. It’s the perfect girls’ night movie. It has friendship, love, heartache, and everything in between. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll swoon. What more could you want from a movie?

5 When Harry Met Sally

As a Nora Ephron junkie, it’s hard for me to write this list and not include When Harry Met Sally on it. I personally love When Harry Met Sally because there are so many witty one-liners and so much wisdom to laugh and vehemently agree with alongside your best friends during a girls’ night.

6 Pitch Perfect

If you’re a fan of musicals and friendship, this is the perfect movie for you and your friends! Even if you don’t think you like musicals, you will have a whole new appreciation for acapella, and the actors and actresses in the movie, after you spend a night watching it with your girls!

7 Stuck in Love

If you loved The Fault in Our Stars, you will love Stuck in Love. Not because they’re similar movies, because they’re not, but because they were directed by the same person. They definitely have the same feel and tone, making it a movie you must see. Plus, it’s on Netflix, making it even easier to find.

What’s your go-to movie for a girls’ night in? I’m looking for movies to watch during my next girls’ night, so let me know in the comments!

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