10 Awesome Movie Night Ideas to Liven up Your Night ...


10 Awesome Movie Night Ideas to Liven up Your Night ...
10 Awesome Movie Night Ideas to Liven up Your Night ...

Hosting a movie night doesn't have to be the usual, boring deal. Use guest contributor Paisley's quirky ideas to host a fun, memorable movie night that everyone will talk about for ages! Thanks Paisley :)

Everyone loves the movies, but with the price of a movie ticket what it is these days, far too many of us are forced to go without. But that shouldn’t mean that you have to stop enjoying good movies in your own way, with your own friends. So why not host a movie night? You can enjoy some of your favorite movies with the company of your friends, in a fun and unique way. Here are some fun themes that you can use to spice up your movie night.

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Superhero Night

Have everyone come dressed as their favorite superhero or, just in some superhero pajamas. You could even grab some superman fleece fabric and make blankets for everybody.


Scifi Night

Weather it’s Star Wars, Star Trek, or another classic scifi movie that is your favorite, there are always tons of ways to incorporate scifi themes into a movie night—from dressing up, to decorations, or even themed refreshments.


Period Drama

Period movies are among the most fun to dress up for. Weather it is the roaring twenties, Jane Austen’s England, or even the Civil War, there are plenty of eras that can be explored through costume. If it is a success, you can even progress through the years with multiple movie nights.


Foreign Themed

There is a certain cult following for foreign movies. Whether Indian, French, English, or some other nationality’s movies are your favorite, pick one and center an evening around it. Have food, decorations, and costumes from that country. This can be another good one for multiple events.



Or what about the good ol’ US of A? Give everybody a chance to relive their childhood by dressing up like cowboys and cowgirls for the night—and maybe even cook some grits!


Get everyone into the spirit of the Wild West by showcasing iconic westerns that'll bring the dusty trails and saloon brawls to your living room. Encourage your guests to sport bandanas, boots, and wide-brimmed hats. Set the scene with some hay bales, cacti decorations, and a wanted poster photo booth for those Instagram-worthy shots. As the sunset on your movie marathon, nothing beats wrapping up with a classic shootout scene, as the heroes ride off into the night. Yeehaw!


Girls' Night

Have an evening filled with nail-painting, facials, and chick flicks. A classic girly night. But then, nobody said that such a theme was limited to girls...


Indulge in some luxurious pampering and let the feel-good movies transport you to a land of romance and comedy. Break out the plush robes and DIY spa treatments while a lineup of classics like Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, or The Notebook play in the background. Share laughter, tears, and heartwarming moments. And why not spice it up with matching pajamas and a sophisticated cocktail or mocktail station? There’s no better way to bond and create memories that'll last longer than the polish on your nails!


Boys' Night

Maybe your wife or girlfriend doesn’t quite enjoy watching heads being blown off as much as you do; so why not have a boy’s movie night? It’ll also give you a chance to serve only «man» snacks. Bring on the beef jerky!


James Bond

Everyone loves to pretend they are a spy every once in awhile. Or maybe you are more of the villain mastermind type. Either way, 007 always makes for a fun night in. Don’t bring any real guns, mind.


Throwback Movie Night

Whether the 70s, 80s, or 90s are your thing, it is never too early or too late to relive them, watching some of your favorite childhood movies in the process. A fun twist can be to have everyone do their hair in a style reminiscent of the chosen decade.


Harry Potter

And who doesn’t love the boy wizard? Harry Potter movie nights give you the chance to be a wizard for the day. You can have everyone dress up in their favorite house colors, bring a wand or magic book, and create food from the movies to eat.

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Soon to be having a harry potter night, i havent watched those movies in ages and i'm finally getting the box set on blu ray in the mail sometime soon!

Ahh thank you, I love movie night with the girls but it always turns into a fight about what movies we watch. This is awesome- thank you :)

This is a great post that I have been searching for ! Thank you so much !

Oceans 11 too!:)

mail sometime soon!

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