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7 Best Movie Worlds Youd like to Live in ...

By Holly

The best movie worlds are the ones that are the most dangerous to live in. You might think that you want to try your luck in these locations, but you’d realize how wrong you are after a few hours in them. They’re full of sketchy people and horrible conditions. Here are some of the best movie worlds that would make the worst realities.

Table of contents:

  1. Hunger games
  2. Avengers
  3. Lord of the rings
  4. Avatar
  5. Star wars
  6. Men in black
  7. World war z

1 Hunger Games

Everyone’s become obsessed with the books and movies—and for good reason. Katniss’ story is exciting and keeps you entertained. While it’s fun to think about getting locked in an arena and defending your life, it would be horrible to live through. The odds aren’t actually in your favor when you’re playing against eleven others. Plus, who wants to be on a TV show without getting their hair and make-up done? This is one of the best movie worlds that would be horrific to be stuck in.

2 Avengers

Any superhero film seems like it would be awesome to live in. You’d have a hero to admire and who knows, you might meet him one day and hit it off. But with heroes come villains. There’s enough evil in the world already. You wouldn’t want to live in a world where powerful villains roam the streets and your police force is incapable of stopping them. Believe it or not, the real world is much safer.

3 Lord of the Rings

We’d all love to be friends with a Hobbit, but living in Middle-earth wouldn’t be as fun as it sounds. Sauron has so much power that his existence alone is enough reason to stay away from this movie world. Then there’s the Easterlings and Balrog and Gollum. The list of enemies goes on and on. At least in the real world, jewelry isn’t dangerous

4 Avatar

It would be fun to learn Na’vi and ride a Banshee, but think of how easily you could perish. Like the majority of sci-fi movie worlds, this one can be dangerous. The humans and Na’vi don’t get along and start a war with one another. You’d have to be careful when interacting with the other race, because they aren’t sure if they can trust you. And since you’re not familiar with their food, location, and way of life, your time there would be confusing.

5 Star Wars

Land is dangerous enough, but this movie world takes you into space. While lightsabers are fun to pretend to play with, they’d be less fun if you lost a limb while using one. You’d get to make neat new friends like R2-D2 and Chewbacca, but who could actually understand them? It’s best to stay on the ground and watch them from your television. It’s safer that way.

6 Men in Black

It would be fun to play with oversized weapons and useful to own a Neuralyzer to erase the minds of others, but this world is another that’s too dangerous to live in. Aliens disguise themselves, so you can’t trust anyone. Your closest friend or that new hot guy that just moved in next door might be evil, so you have to watch out. You never know when you’re going to get attacked.

7 World War Z

Everyone has an obsession with zombies lately. Watching characters fight for their survival, get attacked and then eaten has a high entertainment value, but isn’t desirable in real life. Those who are excited at the possibility of a zombie apocalypse haven’t thought it through. It’s fun to wonder what you’d do in a life-threatening situation, but watching your friends and family die around you wouldn’t be all that great. Be thankful you’re not constantly on the run from flesh eating creatures.

The next time you wish the real world was more like one you’ve seen in a film, reconsider your view. Which one of these movie worlds would you want to try your luck in? Are there any that I left off of the list?

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