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7 Super Scary Movies for a Scare Your Pants off Marathon ...

By Kelly

Sometimes you just want to scare the pants off of yourself and hide behind a pillow during marathon of super scary movies. Not everyone is a fan of scary movies but I personally love having the adrenaline rush of a horror movie. You never know what is going to happen next. So grab a bunch of your friends and prepare to scream your heads off to these super scary movies.

1 The Exorcist

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The Exorcist is known as one of the most super scary movies of all time and for good reason. With a girl’s head spinning around 360 degrees, gross pea-green vomit, and tons of other heart pounding scare tactics, it was so scary that some people had to be rolled out on stretchers when they saw it in theatres. Start your horror movie marathon with The Exorcist and you might not want to continue.

2 Nightmare on Elm Street

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If you were planning on ever sleeping again after your scary movie marathon, you might want to think again before adding in Nightmare on Elm Street. Just the sight of Freddy Kruger is enough to induce nightmares, but add in a story about a serial killer who attacks his victims in their dreams and the scare factor is upped more than a few notches. Good luck going to bed after that one.


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3 Scream

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Wes Craven’s classic Scream has been on numerous lists of scariest movies of all time so it deserves a place in your scary movie marathon. The serial killer Ghostface will most likely haunt your dreams for a while and your heart will be beating out of your chest as you watch this terrifying movie from behind a pillow.

4 The Amityville Horror

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What makes this super scary movie so terrifying is that is it based on a true story. It tells the story of family who moves into a house where the son murdered his entire family at the demand of the Devil. The new family starts to encounter some strange happenings that are nothing less than frightening. My advice on this one; watch the old 1979 version before you watch the remake with Ryan Reynolds.

5 Hostel

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For those fans of gory movies with buckets of blood. Hostel is a must-see. It is about a group of travelers who stay at a hostel in Europe with some terrifying and unwelcome events. It has tons of gory scenes that will make you want to cover your eyes. If you are a fan of the Saw movies, you definitely have to add Hostel to your scary movie marathon.

6 The Crazies

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You won’t trust your neighbors again after this movie. Following a water contamination, everyone in a small Midwestern town turns into bloodthirsty killers with no remorse. A sheriff and his family try to flee the town while fighting off infected friends and neighbors. I won’t spoil it, but your heart will be pounding during the Car Wash scene.

7 Halloween

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This movie is a classic and for good reason. Michael Myers has remained the staple of horror movie villains for quite some time. His creepy mask and slow moving pace is terrifying. It has tons of heart-pounding suspense and it guaranteed to be one of your favorite scary movies for years to come.

You might never sleep again after your scary movie marathon, but it will be worth it. What did you think of these super scary movies? What other movies would you add to a scary movie marathon? What makes watching scary movies so exciting

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