7 Electrifying Vigilante Movies and Their Marvelous anti-Heroes ...

Vigilante movies are a special breed. I love a good anti-hero – or an anti-heroine. To me, a story is more realistic when the “good guy” isn't necessarily all the way good. The world isn't just black and white, after all; it's all in shades of grey. Vigilantes have checkered pasts, sketchy motives, and maybe even serious imbalances, but all of those things make for intriguing story lines and action-packed films. Don't believe me? Take a look at some of these electrifying vigilante movies and their absolutely marvelous anti-heroes.

1. V for Vendetta

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I don't think you can even talk about vigilante movies without discussing V for Vendetta. In addition to featuring a wonderfully dark, rather eloquent vigilante, it's also a damn good movie. He stands up against the elite, those who have become corrupted by power, and truth be told, with each passing year, the film becomes more relevant, so much so that watching it feels like foreshadowing. V for Vigilante, that's what I say.

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