9 Quirky and Lovable Characters to Watch on Screen ...


9 Quirky and Lovable Characters to Watch on Screen ...
9 Quirky and Lovable Characters to Watch on Screen ...

There are so many lovable characters to watch on screen! This list is a few of my favorite characters that I've fallen in love with over the years. I love to watch interesting characters develop over time, don't you? Check out these lovable characters to watch on screen and let me know which others you'd add as well.

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Doc Martin

The first on my list of lovable characters to watch on screen is Doc Martin. I recently fell hard for this socially awkward Doctor after finding the show Doc Martin on Hulu. It's a great family show as well because there isn't any nudity and you'll rarely hear a curse word. You won't miss any of that stuff anyway because this show is so creative and beautiful to watch, since they live in a quaint town by the water.


Annie Mary Pugh

Shout out to all of the quirky ladies out there! Annie Mary Pugh is the star of her small Welsh village. She's a dreamer with hopes of starting her life in a bigger place and I think you ladies will find a little piece of yourself in her. This movie is oddly funny and inspiring as well.


Amelie Poulain

I've probably seen this movie 100 times, it's my favorite movie of all time. Have you seen Amelie? She's so delightful you can't help but to fall in love with her. Amelie is an introvert who loves to help other people. But she can't seem to help herself when it comes to her mega crush so she goes about the relationship in a really unique way.


Jess Day

Who doesn't want to be Jess Day's friend? I don't watch a ton of TV but I had to check out New Girl. It's awesome! Zooey Deschanel is the star of the show with her fun loving self. I pretty much love everything that Zooey has done. Have you seen it yet?


Stéphane Miroux

I went through a Gael Garcia Bernal stage and I've always liked Charlotte Gainsbourg so naturally I had to see what The Science of Sleep was all about. Stéphane is a vivid nighttime dreamer who often finds that he is awake in his dreams during the daytime as well. You'll love this unusual love story.


Angélique Delange

This French delight has been described as Amelie meets Chocolat and I'd have to agree. It's a girl meets guy but both are afraid story with a dash of heroism. The French have a way with character development that I just can't get enough of and they didn't disappoint with Romantics Anonymous.


Marva Vereecken

This is one of my favorite underdog stories ever! Marva has a dream to become a famous singer and her father supports her 100%. In fact, he supports her so much that he is willing to kidnap a celebrity in order to make Marva's dreams a reality. Everybody's Famous is for anyone with big dreams.



I love Natalie Portman so much, don't you? I've always admired the choices she's made as an actress. She always plays the most interesting characters and tells great stories. In Garden State she plays Sam, a pathological liar, who usually admits soon after that she's lied. Garden State has a huge cult following, and if you haven't seen this gem it's definitely worth adding to your queue.



Surprise! The Happy Poet is also for the dreamers out there. Bill is an out-of-work poet who decides to open an organic mostly-vegetarian food stand on hardly any money and a used hot dog stand. He's SO weird but I loved him instantly. Of course there is an awesome love story woven in the plot. It started off a tad bit slow, which I never mind, but it definitely picks up and is worth the wait.

I love weird people, different is beautiful. I guess we all are weird in our own way, huh? Who are some of your favorite quirky and lovable characters?

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Wow I lovvvvve this list. Doc Martin is one of my faves. He drops my jaw!

Sheldon Cooper is adorable as well!!

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