9 Very Brainy Movie Stars ...

Movie stars are known for the glitz and glamour that surrounds a Hollywood blockbuster. You may be surprised therefore, to hear that many of our much-loved film idols, although having millions of dollars in the bank, are still very brainy indeed – if you would like to know more, read on for my list of 9 very brainy movie stars!

1. Stephen Fry

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Although strictly not a famous movie star, Mr. Fry had to top my list of 9 very brainy movie stars merely because of his wonderful intellectual wit and humor. Educated at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, Fry has a 2:1 degree in English. Despite having starred in the 2010 remake of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and having played the title role in the movie ‘Wilde’, Fry has made much of his fame starring in play productions and television series – most notable of which is the British television quiz show QI.

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