9 Female Movie Superheroes ...


9 Female Movie Superheroes ...
9 Female Movie Superheroes ...

Superheroes are a big feature of many of our best big budget movies because of the special effects required to show their powers in action. When they do actually get around to using women with special powers it’s always pretty spectacular in both senses of the word. Here are 9 female movie superheroes worthy of mention.

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Hit Girl

The newest kid on the female movie superhero block is a teenage weapons exponent extraordinaire (Chloë Moretz) who steals the show from wannabe super hero Kick-Ass. Big Daddy (Nic Cage) taught her everything she knows.



Helen Slater as Superman in a skirt just never took off to enjoy the same success as her male counterpart (and fictional cousin) although she was his equivalent in every superhero characteristic.



One of the coolest female movie superheroes is Storm (Hallé Berry) – one of the X-Men. Storm has superpowers to control the weather. If only she were real she could sort out our global warming issues in one fell swoop.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It may be Sarah Michelle Geller that found fame in the television series but this vampire-vanquishing, demon-damaging, beast-bashing female movie superhero was portrayed on the big screen by Kristy Swanson.


Tank Girl

So many male and female movie superheroes are based on characters from Marvel or DC Comics. On that is taken from a British comic book is Tank Girl (Lori Petty) who with her friend Jet Girl (Naomi Watts) regained control of the wasteland Earth’s water supply. If ever mutant kangaroo humans were ever to be a hit it was in this film.


The Invisible Woman

As one of the Fantastic Four and thanks to a cosmic storm, Jessica Alba can disappear and appear at will when she portrays female movie superhero Susan Storm.



Elektra first has to die and be resurrected before she gains her superpowers but then she becomes one of the female movie superheroes who doesn’t use her skills for good as she becomes a contract killer. I guess she’s rather angry that Bullseye (Colin Farrell) killed her off in Daredevil and she had to wait for her chance in the spin-off.


Lara Croft

It may not have been her first film success but when Angelina Jolie swung forth in her role as female movie superhero Lara Croft, she went viral. Quasi female Indiana Jones leaves more men with their tongues hanging out than when in line for a beer at a football game.



The Fifth Element is another film that sees Bruce Willis in a sweaty vest when Leeloo, (Milla Jovavich), perfect humanoid, lands on his New York Taxi Cab. Leeloo is one of the very few man-made female movie superheroes.

Did these female movie superheroes bring back some great cinema memories? Did I miss out your favorite?

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