8 Female Bond Villains ...


8 Female Bond Villains ...
8 Female Bond Villains ...

A James Bond movie just wouldn’t be the same without a parade of beautiful women. All those evil men have to have a love interest and someone to do their bidding, often by bedding the victim. Actresses must really love getting their teeth into an action movie especially playing a baddie and here are 8 female Bond villains.

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Pussy Galore

Pussy Galore Photo Credit: Paul Baack

As Pussy Galore, Honor Blackman gave a show stopping performance as the cat suit- wearing pilot to Goldfinger. Ms. Blackman is actually the oldest of the Bond girls. Even though she started out as Bond villain she of course succumbs to 007’s charms. Sean Connery is noted for pronouncing her name as poo-shee


Pussy Galore is a character from the James Bond movie Goldfinger, portrayed by Honor Blackman. She is a pilot and a member of Goldfinger's elite criminal organization. Although she initially serves as an antagonist, she eventually switches sides and helps Bond in his mission. She is the oldest of the Bond girls, and is noted for her cat suit and for Sean Connery's pronunciation of her name as "poo-shee".

Honor Blackman was born in London in 1925 and began her acting career in the 1940s. Her most famous role prior to Goldfinger was as Cathy Gale in the 1960s television series The Avengers. She also appeared in a number of Hammer horror films. She is best known for her role as Pussy Galore, which has become an iconic part of the Bond franchise.

Blackman's performance in Goldfinger was praised by critics and audiences alike. She was the first Bond girl to be given a significant role in the plot, and her character was one of the first female villains to be portrayed as an independent and strong woman. Her character was also one of the first examples of a female villain who was not defeated by Bond, but instead changed sides and joined forces with him.



Mayday Photo Credit: Paul Baack

Grace Jones as Mayday in A View to a Kill had a very memorable scene where she floats down from the Eiffel Tower using her cape. With her severe haircut and angular features she makes a terrific female Bond villain.


Grace Jones portrayed the character of Mayday in the 1985 James Bond film, A View to a Kill. She was the first black female to be cast as a Bond villain and made a lasting impression with her memorable scene where she floated down from the Eiffel Tower using her cape.

Mayday was the personal bodyguard and lover of the main villain, Max Zorin, played by Christopher Walken. She was incredibly strong and could easily overpower Bond in physical combat. Mayday was portrayed as a very intimidating figure due to her severe haircut, angular features, and imposing stature. She could often be seen wearing a black leather jumpsuit which added to her overall intimidating presence.

Mayday was a highly intelligent and resourceful character who could easily outwit Bond. She was also a skilled pilot and used her expertise to help Zorin in his plans. She was a loyal and devoted follower of Zorin and would do anything to protect him, even sacrificing her own life in the end.


Fatima Blush

Fatima Blush Image Source: upload.wikimedia.org

Barbara Carrera is a real piece of work who meets a nasty end in Never Say Never Again when Bond shoots her with a miniature delayed-action rocket grenade into her abdomen from his gadget pen.


Barbara Carrera, portraying the enchanting yet deadly Fatima Blush, delivers a performance that is both captivating and chilling. Her character, an assassin working for the villainous organization SPECTRE, weaves a web of seduction and peril around Sean Connery's James Bond. Carrera's portrayal is noteworthy for its blend of flamboyant menace and alluring charm, making her a classic antagonist in the Bond series. With her demise, the film cements its place in spy-thriller lore, showcasing the perfect blend of intrigue and the high stakes that Bond movies are celebrated for.



Octopussy Image Source: upload.wikimedia.org

Probably the least malevolent of the female Bond villains, Maud Adams plays the eponymous role of Octopussy and it doesn’t take her too long to succumb to the legendary love powers of 007.


Octopussy is the 13th film in the James Bond franchise and the second to feature Maud Adams as the titular villain. Octopussy is a wealthy businesswoman and leader of the Octopus cult, a group of female smugglers. She is aided by her loyal henchwoman, Magda, and a circus troupe led by Kamal Khan. Despite her criminal activities, Octopussy is portrayed as more of an ally than an enemy of Bond, and she eventually helps him stop a nuclear weapons attack. Octopussy is a rare example of a female Bond villain who is not motivated by revenge or money, but rather by a sense of loyalty to her people.


Elektra King

Elektra King Photo Credit: Paul Baack

Sophie Marceau’s Elektra King is a victim of Stockholm Syndrome- the condition where hostages fall in love with their captors – in this case Renard, played by Robert Carlisle. Nice girl – arranges the death of her stepfather very early on in The World is Not Enough.


Sophie Marceau expertly personifies the complex nature of Elektra King, seamlessly transitioning from damsel in distress to a deceitful antagonist with a poisoned heart. As the narrative unfolds, The World is Not Enough watchers discover a darker side to Elektra. She not only sows seeds of betrayal but manipulates Bond with her charm, demonstrating that her beauty is merely a façade for a more sinister persona. Her strategic brilliance and cold-blooded intentions make her stand out amidst the Bond franchise’s gallery of female villains.


Rosa Klebb

Rosa Klebb Image Source: upload.wikimedia.org

The Bond movies dealt with the Cold War and many of the stories had Russian themes. One of the baddest of baddest female Bond villains was the very masculine Rosa Klebb played brilliantly by Lotte Lenya. She even has a fugu venom-laced blade hidden in her shoe. Klebb is killed by another woman – Tatiana Romanova – spy turned lover of 007.


Rosa Klebb, portrayed with unyielding severity, employed in the enigmatic realms of SMERSH and later SPECTRE, is an emblem of the fierce power women wield in espionage. Her confrontation with James Bond epitomizes a classic battle of wits and strength. Despite her position as an antagonist, Klebb's character adds a distinctive layer to the narrative, showcasing Lotte Lenya's remarkable ability to embody a villainess who is both methodical and deadly. The 1963 film "From Russia with Love," where Klebb makes her notorious appearance, remains a pivotal entry in the franchise—partly due to her menacing legacy.


Miranda Frost

Miranda Frost Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

Rosamunde Pike as Miranda Frost is one of the few female Bond villains that actually stays bad to the end and actually features throughout most of the movie. She’s a Harvard-educated, gold medal-winning Olympic fencer but she meets her end when Halle Berry stabs her with a dagger hidden behind a book.


Rosamund Pike's portrayal of Miranda Frost in Die Another Day adds a cold and calculating edge to the roster of Bond adversaries. Frost is initially posed as an ally but is ultimately unveiled as a double agent. Her cool demeanor and sharp intellect—fitting traits for her name—make her betrayal all the more chilling. Despite her icy exterior, Frost's fencing prowess and Olympic background provide a glimpse into her disciplined and competitive nature. Her fierce final confrontation is as sharp as her character's wits, marking a memorable exit for a villain who never wavers in her nefarious ways.


Xenia Onatopp

Xenia Onatopp Image Source: upload.wikimedia.org

Famke Janssen plays a typical femme fatale who derives sexual satisfaction from the act of killing. Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye engages in violent sex, crushes a man to death between her thighs, achieving orgasm as he exhales.

And the moral of the story is, if you want be a fencing, poisoning, murdering, high living, high flying, karate-kicking, fast-driving superbitch, be a female Bond villain. Which part would you be? Me? I’d rather be a goodie, especially if Daniel Craig were my Bond.

Top Photo Credit: kalaof87

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