9 Movies about Betrayal ...

Why is it, I wonder, that movies about betrayal and heartbreak intrigue people so much? Trust me, I'm including myself in this. Give me a movie where someone gets messed over, whether it's a spouse, a significant other, a friend, or a business partner, and I'm all over it. It's odd, because I myself am extremely loyal to the people I love and the people I work with, but when people do it in the movies … wow. Here are just a few movies about betrayal I find particularly intriguing. Let's see if it compares to your list!

1. The Social Network

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There's a reason this movie is so universally loved, even though it's relatively new. It's a great movie about betrayal, a great definition of betrayal. It shows how money, power, envy, and greed affect friendships and working relationships. Mark Zuckerberg was both ruthless and sad, and Jesse Eisenburg played him to a tee. I half wonder if the reason Mark opposed this film so much is because it showed just how ruthless he really was – and maybe is.

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