15 Sad TV Deaths I'm Still Not over ...

When you watch as much TV as I do, it’s almost guaranteed that you will see your fair share of sad TV deaths. Seeing characters die is almost always sad, but there are some that will stick with you for a long time after the episode has aired. Maybe it’s because of the character that dies, the way it’s done, or the way the other characters react. Here are fifteen sad TV deaths I’m still not over.

1. Paul Hennessy

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Paul Hennessy was played by John Ritter on “8 Simple Rules.” The reason his death is the one that I’ll never get over is because when he died on the show, he really had died. That's why this is one of my biggest sad TV deaths. The episode was extremely heartbreaking. All of the actors’ tears were real and it was the saddest episode of the series. I remember crying throughout the entire episode and I couldn’t believe that he had really died. The show didn’t last much longer after his death and I’m not surprised. The show wasn’t the same without him.

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