15 Sad TV Deaths I'm Still Not over ...


15 Sad TV Deaths I'm Still Not over ...
15 Sad TV Deaths I'm Still Not over ...

When you watch as much TV as I do, it’s almost guaranteed that you will see your fair share of sad TV deaths. Seeing characters die is almost always sad, but there are some that will stick with you for a long time after the episode has aired. Maybe it’s because of the character that dies, the way it’s done, or the way the other characters react. Here are fifteen sad TV deaths I’m still not over.

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Paul Hennessy

Paul Hennessy was played by John Ritter on “8 Simple Rules.” The reason his death is the one that I’ll never get over is because when he died on the show, he really had died. That's why this is one of my biggest sad TV deaths. The episode was extremely heartbreaking. All of the actors’ tears were real and it was the saddest episode of the series. I remember crying throughout the entire episode and I couldn’t believe that he had really died. The show didn’t last much longer after his death and I’m not surprised. The show wasn’t the same without him.


J.T. Yorke

This is another unexpected death that I’ll never be able to cope with. J.T. was one of my favorite characters on “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” so watching him die was horrible. What really made this hard was that he had just realized that he wanted to be with his ex-girlfriend, something that the audience had wanted, and then he died. We never got any resolution to the story line because he died before things got solved. I stopped watching the show shortly after he died. Not only because I missed him, but it just wasn’t as good anymore.


Joyce Summers

I think that the sadness of this death was the way that the episode was done. This episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was different than any other episode. There was no music in the entire episode and there were a lot of quiet parts. The entire episode was directed brilliantly and the acting was amazing. You would have thought that someone they actually knew was dead. This was also the first death that the characters dealt with that was completely unrelated to the supernatural. I don’t think I’ll ever get over this one.


George O’Malley

When George died on “Grey’s Anatomy,” I was a disaster. There were a million reasons why. It was completely unexpected, there was a cliffhanger before we actually found out that he died, and the way his friends reacted was heartbreaking. I couldn’t believe that such a beloved character was dying in such a harsh way. I was so angry and upset that I cried for a while, like if someone I knew died.


Dr. Mark Greene

I didn’t really watch “E.R.,” but even I remember Dr. Greene’s death. It was a really big deal on the show. It wasn’t only because he was a main character, but his death was also drawn out. Dr. Greene had cancer and it was really hard for the audience to watch. This death may not be one that broke my heart, but I’m not over it because I remember how everyone that did watch the show was affected. It’s really hard to see a character die. It’s even harder when they’re sick for a long time.


Rita Morgan

Rita was a great character on “Dexter.” She started out as a weak character that was very dependent on Dexter and ended up being her own person that just happened to be married. Rita learned to stand on her own two feet and was finally happy with her life. Sadly, she didn’t get to enjoy this happiness very long because she got murdered. It was a big surprise to the audience and it made me just burst into tears. Not only was Rita murdered, but her son was also covered in her blood. It was a horrific sight that I haven’t been able to forget.


Bobby Singer

For some reason, this was the hardest death to write about. It wasn’t the saddest or the most drawn out, but it really broke my heart. Bobby was on “Supernatural” for the majority of its seasons and was the only real father figure in the show. There was a real connection between the actors and I think that’s what hurt the most. Yes, I’ll miss the character, but I’ll miss the interactions between him and the main characters the most. It’s really hard to think about this one because I still have to watch the show every week and realize that it was only about a season ago that Bobby left. It’s a wound that’s still healing I guess.


Ben Sullivan

Ben Sullivan wasn’t a main character in “Scrubs” at all. I could probably count the number of episodes that he was in on one hand. What made this episode so sad was that throughout the whole episode, the audience was made to believe he was alive until the end. Also, the person it affected the most was Dr. Cox. This made the death even harder because Dr. Cox isn’t usually the kind of person that lets his feelings show, but in that episode he showed how upset he really was. I remember watching the episode and feeling my heart sink at the very end of it. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that episode.



Godric from “True Blood” wasn’t a big character, he wasn’t even meant to be in the show because he wasn’t in the books. That didn’t matter though; his death was really hard for me to watch. It wasn’t just the fact that he was an awesome character, but it was also the way other characters reacted to his death. It was extremely hard for Eric, who just happens to be one of my favorite characters, to see Godric die because that was his maker. Seeing your favorite character heartbroken just adds to the pain of the death itself. No matter how many seasons pass, I’m going to miss him for a while.


Fred Burkle

I absolutely loved Fred on “Angel.” The last few episodes were insane and filled with people dying. It was really sad, but this one stands out to me the most. It’s not that Fred was on the longest or that she was the most lovable, but she was just lovable. Her death was also heartbreaking because the audience had to watch her love interest cope with the loss of her. Maybe this death wasn’t too much for anyone to handle, but it was really hard for me.


Harry 'Opie' Winston (Graphic Content)

Who could forget the heart-wrecking death of Opie? Sons of Anarchy is a show that has been around for a while and while we all wait with anticipation for the day that it comes back on, the death of Opie still hangs over our heads. It’s so, so difficult to even think about this and how it affected Jax!


Dan Conner

While you didn’t even have to see the death, just knowing that Dan died was enough. Roseanne was a show that was on forever, and for it to end with one of the best and most iconic dads dying, it broke everyone’s heart. It was terrible. I’m still crying over this one!


Mike Delfino

Desperate Housewives was one of those shows known for killing off many of its top characters, but when Mike died? It broke the audience’s heart! It was so horrible to see and it was so hard to see exactly how Susan handled it. Are you still hurting from Mike’s death?


Nate Fisher

Six Feet Under is a show that sucks you in right from the first episode and when we all thought we lost Nate the first time, it was so, so difficult. When we lost him for real, it was so hard to handle! It was a tearjerker for months afterwards!


Adriana La Cerva

Finally, Adriana was not exactly one of the main characters of The Sopranos, but the way she died -- and how she pleaded and begged not to be killed -- was so hard to watch. She shouldn’t have messed with the cops, but it was so hard to watch her pay for her sins -- especially since she seemed to know exactly what was coming.

This was a really hard article to write. Not for lack of ideas or because I didn’t know what to say, but because reliving these character deaths was hard. I’m sure you all have ideas of who you would put on your list. So, who have you not gotten over?

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mike on desperate housewives

All of the vampire diaries deaths! Holy wow they were all heartbreaking

Charlie from Lost, Denny, George OMalley, Lexie, Mark. (Shondra needs to stop murdering characters)

Oh my goodness, George and Ben had me in PIECES. I don't think I'll ever recover ):

Opie's death had me wailing- especially right when he looked up at Jax and smiled... He embraced his earthly departure acknowledging how much he loved his "brother" and, in my opinion, looking forward to being with Donna and Piney on the other side... And Mike Delfino- he was my favorite on DH...

I definitely second the Keith from One Tree Hill. I also had trouble watching Degrassi after JT.

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