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7 TV Shows Made from Comic Books ...

By Lydia

Many people probably don’t realize how many TV shows from comics there really are. Sometimes I forget that they make shows out of comics too and not just movies! Looking back, there seemed to be a lot more comic book or sci-fi shows on TV than there are right now. There are so many of these shows that have made lasting impressions, it was so much fun to take a look! So, here are seven TV shows made from comics!

1 The Tick

I really tried to watch this show, but it was just so bad. The acting wasn’t great, the writing was pretty bad, and it looked like a joke to be quite honest. I’d have to say that,in my opinion, this has to be the worst show on the entire list, which is why it’s ranked lower here. It’s hard to think about good things to say about this show, except maybe that it was good for a laugh. If you’re looking for really great TV shows made from comics, just skip this one!

2 The Walking Dead

I LOVE “The Walking Dead!” The shows listed later in this list are classics, but this show is definitely a top pick. I can say as a big fan that has done her research, the comics are pretty different from the TV show so far. Surprisingly that hasn’t stopped the original readers from loving the show. Talk about a huge following! This show gained a huge audience extremely fast, and not only that, but people who don’t like zombies are watching the show. It’s too good to deny.

3 The New Adventures of Wonder Woman

When people picture Wonder Woman, a lot of the time they picture Lynda Carter. If that’s not a sign of a successful show, then I don’t know what is! “Wonder Woman” was only on for three seasons and yet, because of its huge following and the wonderful Lynda Carter, this show has become a classic. There has been talk about doing some sort of reboot and I will say that casting wise, it probably won’t get much better than this! To be honest, I haven’t read the comic, but I don’t have to have read it to know how much people love this show.

4 Batman

Who started singing the “Batman” theme song when they saw that it was next on the list? I did! This show also only lasted for three seasons, yet made a huge impact. Adam West will forever be Batman! I’ve seen an episode of this show and I found it to be so perfect for the time. There was a lot of pop art involved in the show, which helped with the comic book aspect of the show along with just fitting in. I’m sure not many people would say that this is the best version of Batman, since it’s a lot lighter than what people are used to, but we can sure say that it has stood the test of time.

5 The Incredible Hulk

Lou Ferrigno will forever be The Incredible Hulk. Much like Adam West, Ferrigno’s Hulk made such an impact that he will always be remembered as playing that character. What is so great about him playing The Hulk is that he wasn’t computer animated. Ferrigno played The Hulk and another actor played Dr. David Bruce Banner. It’s amazing that they were able to pull it off and make it look as believable as a regular man turning into The Hulk could be in the '70s.

6 Adventures of Superman

This is another one that I’ve only seen one episode of, but for the '50s I’d have to say it was pretty good. Don’t get me wrong, I love old TV. I just mean that for a superhero show, where special effects might be needed, they did pretty well. The audience probably agreed, since “Adventures of Superman” lasted six seasons. It probably didn’t hurt that the show was based around Superman, who is still loved by so many.

7 Tales from the Crypt

I had no idea that this was originally a comic book! Out of all of the shows on this list, it was not only the longest running, but also inspired a couple of movies. While many of the other franchises listed here are still continuing today with other actors, writers, etc., this show had the most success as is. Who would have thought?! I’m still getting over the fact that this was originally a comic!

I’m sure there are more TV shows that were originally comics that I forgot to mention. I’m also disappointed that I haven’t seen most of these! Are there any that you’ve seen? Which are your favorites? Can you think of any I forgot?

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