11 Worst Series Finales ...


11 Worst Series Finales ...
11 Worst Series Finales ...

A lot of the worst series finales come from some of the best TV shows. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that they’re so highly anticipated that the viewers tend to get let down or maybe the writers just don’t know how to end something that has been successful in the past. There’s a lot of disagreement between whether a finale is good or bad; it seems that not everyone can agree one way or the other. With that being said, let’s take a look at seven of the worst series finales.

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The Sopranos

I never expected “The Sopranos” to make it on to a list of the worst series finales! Not only was this show extremely successful and popular, but its finale was highly anticipated. Instead of there being a substantial ending though, the viewers were left with more questions than answers. I’ve never really watched the show (I was too young when it was on), but I did watch the last few minutes of the show and I was extremely confused. I’m not sure why the writers didn’t give more of a wrapped up ending, but whatever the reason, it sure left a lot of people unhappy!



To be honest, I’ve never seen this series finale, but I just read a description of it and I’m baffled. More than anything else, it seems like a really sad ending to a funny show. Without giving too much away, we basically learn that the whole final season didn’t actually happen. It sounds really confusing and not the way you would think a sitcom would end. I love series finales, but this seems like one I’d really hate. I hope they wanted a shocking ending because that’s exactly what they got!



What?! Really?! Those are the only two words that kept popping into my head when I read about this series finale. I watched “Dinosaurs” a lot when I was a kid and I really hope I never saw the finale; if I did I probably locked it in my subconscious filed under “scarring experiences.” For those who don’t know, “Dinosaurs” was a kid show about a family of dinosaurs. If it’s a kid’s show then can someone explain to me why the finale includes murder?! I’ll never be able to figure this one out.



Don’t jump down my throat for this one! It was a suggestion from quiet a few people, as well as others on the internet. I stopped watching “Lost” a few seasons after it started airing because I just couldn’t get into it, but I know a lot of people that got obsessed. For a show with such a cult following, you would think that the ending would be something big and crazy. What I found from reading descriptions was that the conclusion was sort of predictable and really left the audience with a lot of questions. That doesn’t sound too great to me.


The X-Files

I never really had much trouble with this series finale, but I read that a lot of people really hated it. After looking into why, I understand it a little more. “The X-Files” was a show that promised that “the truth is out there” and yet in the finale episode the audience doesn’t get any answers. I’m aware that the show’s creator wanted to end seasons earlier, but we still should have been given some more closure. Then again we did get some movies out of it!


Quantum Leap

I was obsessed with this show when I was little, but sadly I never saw the series finale. I looked up what happened and if I had watched it, I think my heart would have broken. Sam spends years traveling and trying to get home. In the end we all hope for a happy conclusion, in which Sam gets home, but by my statement about this being heartbreaking I think we can all assume that that doesn’t happen. Not all endings have to be happy, but this is just downright cruel!


Veronica Mars

I know “Veronica Mars” was cancelled so they didn’t get too much time to wrap it up, but this episode wouldn’t have made a good season finale let alone series finale! The entire final episode is based around a local sheriff’s election, which could have been fine except we don’t even find out who won! I guess we’re supposed to assume that Veronica’s dad won, but an answer would have been nice. Also, they don’t give us any kind of closure with Veronica and Logan’s relationship! It kills me that this show didn’t give us the answers we wanted.



It's really upsetting that I can even consider putting "Dexter" on this list! I was upset that this show was ending in general, but had such high hopes that we would get some kind of closure. There was no closure! SPOILERS! Dexter just runs away and gets away?! How is that even possible? I didn't want him to get caught, but something had to happen! Are we supposed to just assume that his dark passenger went away?! There are so many unanswered questions!


Gossip Girl

Ok, I'll admit that having a crazy shock factor was great, but other than that all I have to say is really? Of course they finally revealed who Gossip Girl was and it was nobody expected at all! This would have been a positive thing if it wasn't for the fact that it makes absolutely no sense who they chose to be Gossip Girl. It makes me wonder if they just randomly chose someone or if this was the plan the whole time.



Millions of people loved this spy series that many felt was before its time but the series finale left many people disappointed. Some people didn't like the show's focus on the supernatural while others felt that the finale didn't do Sidney Bristow justice. Either way, this show left its fans confused and wanting more!


St. Elsewhere

I did a lot of research on this episode and found that if I had watched this entire I series, I would still put it on this list. In my research it popped up multiple times and I couldn't understand why because I had heard good things about the show. It ends with the entire show having taken place in the snow globe of an autistic child, meaning that none of it never happened. While some people may have enjoyed this ending, it seems that the consensus is that it was not a good ending.

Series finales are always so bittersweet, but the ones listed above are more bitter than anything else. I’m really disappointed in a lot of the shows listed here. What would you have put on your list? Which of these is the worst?

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You are joke!!!! How can you write an article like this when you havent even seen half the shows. Also did you even watch dexter! Granted it was a terrible ending but you seem to have made up your own damnn ending thats almost as bad as the real one. I created an account purley so I could tell you this article was ridicoulous and I am never coming back to your website again. Well done!

This whole article is a joke. After I got to the fourth show she hadn't actually seen, I stopped reading. Maybe this was a sattire, if not, just a really stupid idea.


Probably coming from the biggest LOST fan ever, season 6 was a real let down. I thought that the series finale was a beautiful piece but did leave us with a ton of questions.

Scrubs was disappointing too

100% agree about Veronica Mars!

@Lindsey wow, I watched dinosaurs as a kid and I had no idea it was an adult show at all shows how naive I am lol. I think it was even on TGIF for a while.

Lost wast the best show on tv!! The finale was superb! I just don't get why people were confused or didn't get it. I followed the show every season, and understood everything! They answered every question. I, and a lot of my friends, were not left with any unanswered questions. . How upsetting to true Lost fans to see this! Lost changed tv for me. Nothing will ever be as good. I'd rather watch tv like Lost, shows that make you think, then stupid & predictable, over hyped reality shows!

I was so upset with the lost finale I watched it on Netflix and stuck with it even when it got boring..I was very disappointed..and overall confused...I had to look up what happened to fully understand overall...not worth it

Gilmore Girls.

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