7 of the Best TV Friendships ...


7 of the Best TV Friendships ...
7 of the Best TV Friendships ...

Some of the best TV friendships are highly underrated, while others are constantly talked about as being great. The following list is a combination of the two types of TV friendships. Friends on TV shows always make me a little jealous because, even though I love my own friends, sometimes I wish I was a part of these friendships. Why wouldn’t I want to be friends with these amazing characters?! Let’s take a look at seven of the best TV friendships.

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Ted, Barney, Marshall

On "How I Met Your Mother," there are a lot of great friendships, but these guys stand out above all of the others. My favorite part about this friendship is that Barney is constantly trying to fight with Marshall over who is Ted’s best friend. What makes this one of the best TV friendships is these three guys are always there for each other no matter what and share some hilarious moments together. I wish I had friends like these; they’re so much fun to watch!


The Doctor and Donna

On "Doctor Who," there are a lot of different companions, most of them fall in love with The Doctor or develop a crush at some point, but not Donna. This makes her special because she is able to slap some sense into him while others let him get away with whatever he wants. I absolutely adore Donna, played by Catherine Tate, because she is extremely funny and really entertaining to watch. Their friendship is really great and it’s easy to see how much they care about each other.


Joey and Chandler

On a show called "Friends," you’d have to assume there are a lot of great friendships going on, which is true, but none as great as Joey and Chandler. Their friendship is definitely the most entertaining out of all the pairs or groups of people. Both hilarious guys in their own ways, when you put them together you’re guaranteed to be laughing until your sides hurt. Hilarity aside, they really do care about each other, which is nice to see, especially from two guys.


Sheldon and Penny

This is one friendship that I think is really underrated. When people talk about friends on "The Big Bang Theory," they usually don’t mention Sheldon and Penny. What I see wrong there is the fact that Penny has been there for Sheldon on multiple occasions to help him through his problems. Sometimes she can seem a little selfish, like she’s only helping him for her enjoyment, but when it comes down to it she always helps. Also, they’re absolutely hilarious together.


Wilson and House

This is one friendship that has made me go through more emotions than any other on this list. Wilson and House have made me angry, happy, sad, and sentimental. While a lot of the other people on this list are in comedies, the fact that these two are in a drama means they won’t be as hilarious as the others. Here at least, they focus more on how sweet the connection between these characters really is.


Sherlock and Watson

I love Sherlock and Watson no matter where I see them, whether it’s in the movies, on "Elementary," or my personal favorite, "Sherlock." They are one of the most famous friendships in history and you can see them in multiple forms, but on TV is my favorite. BBC’s "Sherlock" is one of my favorite shows on TV and one reason is definitely the way this amazing friendship is portrayed. Although it seems like Watson is taking care of Sherlock all of the time, really they take care of each other more than either of them realize.


Merlin and Arthur

From season one of "Merlin," all I have talked about is how I can’t get enough of the brotherly love between these two characters. They are constantly fighting and insulting each other, but when it comes down to it they have both laid their lives on the line for each other countless times. So not only are these two sarcastic and fun to watch, but they also show that they care about each other in really grand gestures.

I love talking about great TV friendships! They’re all so amazing for their own reasons. If you haven’t seen the shows they come from, you should go check them out and see how great they are for yourself. Are there any friendships here you disagree with? Who would you have put on your list?

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^^ Agreed! Or Cory and Mr. Feeny.

What about blair and serena (gossip girl) and Damon and Alaric (The Vampire Diaries). And i totally agree about house

lorelai and rory gilmore ;)

Dean and Castiel

Wtf so Blair and Serena are in the title pic but they aren't in the list?! Def them! And Veronica and wallace from Veronica mars and the pll girls

Really? No JD and Turk from Scrubs?

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