9 Fab Competition TV Shows That Are Amazing to Watch ...


9 Fab Competition TV Shows That Are Amazing to Watch ...
9 Fab Competition TV Shows That Are Amazing to Watch ...

Who doesn't love competition TV shows? I do! I love everything that has some type of competitive edge to it. With all of the reality shows out there, it's nice to find something that is a little bit different and a little unique. If you've been dying to find some great competition TV shows that are really worth watching, you've got to take a look at my list of my favorite competitive TV shows that are awesome!

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Hell's Kitchen

Who doesn't love Hell's Kitchen? By far, Hell's Kitchen is one of my favorite competition TV shows that is still on the air. Gordon Ramsey is mean, but he's also amazing! I love every show that he does but still, Hell's Kitchen is my favorite! After all, how often do you see him make someone cry?


Top Chef

Another great cooking show is all Top Chef. Now, I am a hard-core Top Chef fan. I've watched not only every season of Top Chef, but I've watched every spin-off of Top Chef that has been out there. Top Chef Masters, Top Chef Just Desserts, Top Chef All-Stars – all of them! Great, great show if you're looking for a competitive show that is still fun!


The Amazing Race

Ah, the Amazing Race! No competition TV show list would be complete without this incredible show! It's the ultimate race! Recently, my favorite author, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and his partner Brent won The Amazing Race and I couldn't be prouder! Amazing show and it's so much fun to watch!


Project Runway

Who doesn't love catty designers, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn? This show, when it first came out, was one of my favorite shows in the world! While I have lost track of it over the years, Project Runway still has a special place in my heart. It's honestly a great, great show!


The Biggest Loser

I think that the Biggest Loser is definitely one of the most inspirational shows to watch. Not only do you get to see all of those people really lose the weight that they've been dying to lose, but there is a competition aspect to it too. It's amazing and so inspiring to watch!


The Bachelor

Who doesn't love The Bachelor? Are you nights filled with thoughts about who he is going to choose and which girl is right for him? Mine are! It's a show that is not only catty, but it's definitely one of the best competition shows out there!


American Idol

All right, no competition TV show list would be complete without American Idol on there, right? While I stopped watching American Idol a couple years ago, it's still one of the most iconic TV shows in the world. It really gives the singers a chance at their dreams – it's amazing!


The Voice

Now, The Voice – that's a show that I can get into. It's a show that I totally love and a show that is so inspiring to watch. Not only can the judges never discriminate against what their singers look like or how old they are, but it's always a surprise when the singer gets to choose the coach!


Dancing with the Stars

Finally, why not pull on some dancing shoes and watch Dancing With the Stars? This show has had some really great stars on it and the dancing is pretty incredible! Who's your favorite pair?

So, these are some of my favorite competition TV shows, do you have any that you like? What about any TV shows that you like? Give it up in the comments!

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There's duck dynasty awesome show

I love master chef!

Forgot the xfactor!! :)

I like scandal it has so much drama

So you think you can dance is my summer favorite! It gets better every year!

Bambi would be no. 1 then muffsa then dumbo... -.-

The Sing-Off is greatness as well :]

Can't stand dancing with the stars and hate that the voice is only blind for the first round, then it's just like the rest. Survivor should have been on the list, 26 seasons and no winner has ever been the same

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