7 Childhood TV Shows They Should Bring Back ...


There are many TV shows they should bring back. I can remember the best shows dating from the 90's and I'm pretty bummed that they're not airing now! Although some of these shows I'm glad that they're no longer airing, because of the quality and/or the story line. But, there are some theme songs I miss singing along to, but low and behold they can now be found on Netflix! Here are a few TV shows they should bring back, and keep!

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Da, da, da, da, Doug - this is one of the TV shows they should bring back! This show was airing on Nickelodeon in 1996-1999. Throughout a couple of episodes, Disney bought the show and it became a part of the Disney ABC cartoon show series! This TV show actually was teaching us things that are important in today's society like: puppy love, bullying, and rumors! Who would've thought that a TV show could do that? Especially in this generation of TV shows!


Rocket Power

"We are riders on a mission..." uh hello?! This show absolutely rocked! This show taught my brother and I to be active, and to try a lot of outdoorsy things like skateboarding, biking, and even to roller blade! This show originally aired in 1999 and ran through Sept 2011. Unfortunately, that was the last this show aired. Womp, womp! It definitely bummed me out!


Hey Arnold!

"Hey Arnold! Arnold? Arnold? Arnold!" Who else besides me thought Arnold was wearing a skirt? Or a kilt? I totally thought it was, until I recently learned it was an oversized polo! FAIL! I LOVED this show! And, I'm so excited and glad it is on Netflix, this show too brought a lot of great memories and also taught me many things from bullying, judging, friendships, and being above the influence! Yes, Hey Arnold taught me all that!


Pepper Ann

This girl would've been my best friend! She is spunky, realistic, and daring! Plus, her theme song is beyond catchy! Also, her life brought realistic views such as friendships, high school, and real life issues and how she positively dealt with personal issues. Overall, this show was something fun for all ages! Her friendships, her relationships with her family was something anyone can relate too! I am for one a big fan of this show!


All That

Keenan and Kel were my favorite out of the All That cast! Although, this clip is from season 7 of newcomers they're still hilarious! I realized this gave kids a shot at becoming a rising comedian! Who would've thought?! Amanda Bynes, Keenan and Kel, etc. are just a few names who are still around in the industry! Some of these aspiring comedians have become singers, and moved onto acting in movies as well!


Are You Afraid of the Dark?

I don't care how old this show is, just watching the intro still gave me the chills! I was always afraid of this show, and even though the story themselves weren't that scary, I still got scared! I mean its the eerie music, scary scenery, and the setting of each story made the show that much more scarier than what it was originally! Ooo! Boo!



Recess was my every day must watch show! Especially when I stayed home from school cause I was sick, this show always made me feel like I never missed out of school! The group of friends showed every personality, and individually they were not only unique in their own way, but, they were good at one thing whether it was sports, smart eating, etc. But, together they contributed into a great group of friends who helped each other out! I love this show!

These are my favorite TV must watch shows! Although, there are so many more shows I would love to list like Clarissa Explains it All, CatDog, AHH! Real Monsters and more. These were my top 7 shows I never missed! Let me know what shows you love and miss?

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I use to live for 1 Saturday Morning on ABC

Wild thornberrys is where it's at for sure

Omg recess was like my favourite show ever. Id always watch it when i come back from school!


All those shows as well n All That I really miss.


I miss the gummy bears!!! I loved that show growing up!

I need help rendering a show I watched growing up and trying to figure it out FOR YEARS. It was a show with mannequins. Not a cartoon, and the mannequins came Alive for the kids and changed back to mannequins when adults or strangers came around. I think it was on nickelodeon. I was born in '84, I'm thinking I watched and loved this show when I was around 6. I would love to reminisce and find this show!! HELP!!!!

Pepper Ann and recess!! The saturday morning essentials!

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