7 TV Shows That I Miss Dearly ...


7 TV Shows That I Miss Dearly ...
7 TV Shows That I Miss Dearly ...

Some great television shows get canned way too early, and then some decide to give it up while they’re on top. Either way we miss them dearly. The saddest cases are the ones that are truly great, they just can’t hold the viewership to stay on air. Here are the shows I miss the most for both reasons.

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Greg the Bunny

If the puppets from Sesame Street were living people, this show would be a glimpse at what it’s like to work behind the scenes with them. There’s just something about seeing puppets cuss and worry about job security that never gets old for me.



I miss this show every Tuesday. This is the kind of show that you can’t wait for to come one and after it goes off you want to pull your hair out because the cliffhangers are always so good. The networks need to replace that show with something similar STAT!.


The Drew Carey Show

I’m not a big fan of sitcoms, but this one is the exception to that rule. It was quirky and not afraid to try new things. They had random episodes where things would be out of place and have contest on who could notice them all first. Plus, it had the best shows openings ever.


Batman: the Animated Series

Every Batman fan misses this cartoon. It is the definitive picture of Batman of a generation and hopefully through syndication it came become that for future generations. I know my kids will watch it.



Monk cracks me up. I hate the Tony Shaloub decided to take this show out on top. The eighth and final season was just as good as any other. It would have been hard to watch the show lose steam and dwindle into mediocrity, but I miss Monk and he’s barely been gone for a year.


Arrested Development

This show is the definition of short-lived comic genius. It had two of the funniest seasons of any show out there people just weren’t watching it. If the entire cast’s careers hadn’t all taken off there might be a chance for a reunion movie, but for now that’ll have to be chalked up as pipe dreams.


Pushing Daisies

Here’s another show that was truly great, it just didn’t have the viewers to keep it alive. This show was quirky and colorful as it followed Ned the pie maker, who had the unexplained ability to bring things back to life. The twist is that anything he brought back from the dead for more than a minute could stay alive, however, someone in close proximity would die. Naturally, he used this ability to solve murders on the side. Gotta love Hollywood!

This is a personal list and you may not agree with me. Do you have any shows that you miss that top the ones on my list?

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