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I love cartoons and some of my favourite cartoons that I watched when I was younger have stuck so well in my memory. In fact, to this day I can still even sing the theme tunes. That may make me sad but can anyone really complain about something designed to make the world laugh? Here are my 7 favourite cartoons; I hope you enjoy them as well!.

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Wile E Coyote

As dumb as dumb and dumber together, this crazy coyote spent every cartoon trying to catch road runner, beep beep. Every plan backfired and Wile was catapulted into rock faces, down ravines, blown up and any other manner of uncomfortable and painful non-deaths. This is one of my favourite cartoons in part because it was so predictable. Who didn't love Wile E. Coyote -- and secretly hope he would win at least once?


Hong Kong Phooey

I’m probably the only person whose party trick is an impression of Rosemary the Telephone Operator from this daft cartoon about Henry the Mild Mannered Janitor. Henry turned into superhero Hong Kong Phooey, so he was a kind of Incredible Hulk type character. I’m singing the tune as I write.



I once went to a fancy dress ball dressed as Batfink because I just couldn’t get enough of his wings of steel. He is superpowered anthropomorphic gray bat in a lurid yellow costume with red gauntlets and black boots. There’s a big B on his chest. He fights crime using supersonic sonar radar and metallic black wings.



Roobarb is a very British cartoon. Roobarb was a yellow dog – the colour of a highlighter pen – and he had adventures in his back yard. His nemeses were a purple cat called Custard and a group of round fat birds who giggled a lot. The earth where the worms lived was called Rubber Band Land. This is most definitely my favourite cartoon.



Another British cartoon, this one was a parody of secret agents, like James Bond. Dangermouse wears an eyepatch and a superhero suit emblazoned with the initials DM. His trusty but reluctant sidekick is Penfold and they are always trying to thwart the megalomaniacal plans of Baron Greenback.


Count Duckula

The vegetarian Vampire Duck -- who came up with these ideas? He lived in Transylvania in a magic castle that could transport itself through time and space. When he was created, his maker put tomato ketchup in the mix instead of blood so Duckula is a vegetarian and refuses to eat humans or drink blood. With a sweet premise like that, no wonder this is one of my favourite cartoons!



Bagpuss was a fat saggy cloth cat who lived in a curiosity shop window. When he woke up the shop came to life, including the iconic mice from the marvellous mechanical mouse organ. Sublime! Ok, not really a cartoon in the strictest sense but I just couldn't leave him off my list.

I really struggled to choose my 7 favourite cartoons, but I enjoyed checking out all the kids’ channels on satellite. Talk about a trip down memory lane! What’s your favourite?

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