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Batman Movies are spectacular. I have to get that out there, I'm a huge fan of all the Batman movies. I loved Michael Keaton's Batman, I was one of maybe twelve people who liked Val Kilmer's version, and I didn't even completely hate on George Clooney's, primarily because his film had Poison Ivy. And I love the current Batman franchise as well … but there are certain things about it I find disappointing. So, as an enormous fan of the caped crusader, as a lover of both past and current versions, here are a few reasons I find the most recent Batman movies disappointing.

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The Joker

Whenever the Joker appears in any Batman movies, he steals the show. I'm heartbroken that I won't get to see Heath Ledger's Joker any longer – and frankly, I don't want to see anyone else do it either. He was just too good!



I know that all the films are different, but since they tried to make the recent ones all about how Batman really began, a little continuity would be nice. What I mean is, are we now supposed to believe that there's no connection between any of the Batman films? Because I loved that they showed how Two-Face became Two-Face – but then they killed him, so what about the Two-Face played by Tommy Lee Jones? Hello? Then again, I just prefer Tommy's Two-Face.


The Batman Girls

One of the most disappointing and annoying things about the Batman movies, to me, is that there are always Batman girls. Why does it have to be a love story? Why is there always a woman involved? This annoys me with every Batman movie, unless the woman is central to the plot – Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, et cetera. I didn't like Kim Bassinger, I didn't like Nicole Kidman that much, and I definitely didn't like Katie Holmes or Maggie Gyllenhaal. I mean, I see the point, sure, but for me, they weren't so central to the plot that they really needed to be there.


The Villains

We need more villains! I want a redux on the Penguin and even the Riddler, even though I loved Jim Carrey's. I want to see the Mad Hatter, Harley Quinn, Anarky, the Scarecrow, and the Ventriloquist! Branch out – can you imagine how awesome some of these villains would be with the effects and makeup available today?


The Batman Role

Throughout all the Batman movies, Batman rarely stays the same. I know they needed someone younger for the recent films, but now he's quit too. I wish someone would stick with Batman for longer than two or three movies. Someone really great – I think that would actually help with the whole continuity issue.


Christian Bale's Voice

I really enjoy Christian Bale as Batman, I need to preface this by saying that. That being said, sometimes his Batman voice just grates on my nerves. It doesn't ruin the movies for me or anything, but it's disappointing only because it seems like he's trying a little too hard. He doesn't need to be gravel throated to be tough, you know? He's not Michael Keaton. Maybe he's quitting because that voice makes his throat hurt.


The Precedent

The most disappointing thing about the Batman movies is the precedent. Like say, we all know going in that Batman is going to ultimately change. They'll replace the original actor for a movie or two, decide they don't like it, and then start all over. Maybe they'd be better off waiting five years or so after Christian quits, and coming back to Batman somewhere between the beginning and the end.

I have to wonder what's going to happen to the Batman movies next, since Christian Bale has already announced that, after The Dark Knight Rises. I'll always love the Batman movies, simply because I will always love Batman, but there are little things that just get on my nerves, things I wish they'd address if they're going to keep the franchise going. What do you think of the newest Batman movies, do you think they're perfect the way they are or would you like to see some improvements?

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But a good terrifying

The ventriloquist would be terrifying

Lyndsie, you are so polite. It is nice to disagree with someone who doesn't call you stupid or challenge your sexuality. Now back to the topic. I too liked the Michael Keaton Batman. The 2nd film seemed a little busy but the 1st one was really good. I remember the, oh controversy seems so pompous, so lets call it the "head scratching", that people did when Keaton was cast. I thought it was great. Anyone can play Batman but you need a real actor to play Bruce Wayne. But the 3rd movie I found disappointing and the 4th I thought was awful. I was glad they did a reboot and I personally thought both Christian Bale movies were very good. "The Dark Knight" I found to be a gritty, suspenseful crime drama. It might sound silly to say, but I found it realistic. I suppose as real as guy in a bat suit could be. thanks again for your candor and hospitality.

I didn't like any of the females but I love Harley Quinn and Joker

Number 6 is probably the worst reason you gave. (They all sucked) The voice isn't to make him seem "tough". It's to disguise his voice so that whoever he is talking to doesn't know who he is.

It was difficult for me to believe you actually liked the movies from reading your comments. As for #2, Continuity, you state, "I know that all the films are different, but since they tried to make the recent ones all about how Batman really began, a little continuity would be nice. What I mean is, are we now supposed to believe that there’s no connection between any of the Batman films?" You answered your own question. Yes, all films are different. Hollywood always puts a new spin on things. They even do it with literature. How often is a movie just like the book? How many movies about Dracula, Frankenstein, or even Jesus remain the same? Heck, they even rewrite history. (Pearl Harbor comes to mind.) So Harvey Dent is two totally different characters? They have different storylines in two different tellings of a Batman world. So, are you suggesting that whenever they make a new Batman, or even Superman movies, that they all follow and be an extension of all that came before?

Yeah, as Ben said the voice is so he can't be recognized when talking to people he would talk to as himself. You'd think that would be slightly obvious... Also, Batman has been rebooted so many times via the comics, and there are so many versions that the films shouldn't be seen as the same, they are doing different versions of Batman. You want Harley Quinn but without the Joker? Can't do that, sorry, doesn't work like that. Other villians are in the movies, it is more a hidden thing for people to notice though. LIke Batgirl was in 'The Dark Knight', as was Harley Quinzella, and the Scarcrow. The reason that many of the villians do not make it onto the big screen is that they don't appeal as much to those who do not know Batman via the comics, so they tend to stick to the Joker, Penguin, and Riddler. Ventriliquest & Mad Hatter were two of the weakest villians anyways. This article just reads like someone who wants to look like they are 'nerdy' but doesn't seem to know the topic at hand.

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