7 Worst TV Spinoffs of All Time ...


7 Worst TV Spinoffs of All Time ...
7 Worst TV Spinoffs of All Time ...

Just like there are lists of the best and worst shows, there can be lists of the best and worst TV spinoffs. There are some shows I didn’t know were spinoffs and there are some spinoffs I’ve never even heard of. With all of the TV that I watch, it is hard to believe that there are shows I didn’t know existed. Let’s take a look at seven of the absolute worst TV spinoffs.

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Three’s a Crowd

“Three’s a Crowd” was a spinoff of “Three’s Company.” While its successor was really successful, the spinoff didn’t have the same luck. This show was only on for one season and it’s not hard to see why. The best part of “Three’s Company” was how hilarious it was. “Three’s a Crowd” had too much of a mushy side to it to be able to have the same success as its predecessor. I love “Three’s Company” so I’m a little bummed that the spinoff wasn’t as good, but where’s the fun in watching Jack Tripper be mushy in a relationship?!


That '80s Show

I still watch repeats of “That '70s Show” and I was kind of excited to see how they would portray the '80s. Sadly, I had a feeling the show wouldn’t do too well because even towards the end of the original series it wasn’t as good as when it started. There were a lot of people left disappointed with “That '80s Show” and I don’t blame them. The characters weren’t as great and when it comes down to it, the show just wasn’t as funny. They could have kept going and made a show about the '90s if only this one had succeeded, but sadly it didn’t. Maybe they shouldn’t have tried to keep it going.


Saved by the Bell: the College Years

Why did they make this? I mean I get what they were trying to do, but sometimes people just have to learn when enough is enough! Maybe if the original cast had been in the show it would have had a better chance, but sadly Lisa and Jessie weren’t around for this spinoff. The original was cheesy of course, but it was so lovable that it could be ignored. Unfortunately, the spinoff didn’t have the same lovable feel to it.


The Brady Brides/the Bradys

I decided to combine the two spinoffs because neither of them lasted that long and they both are spinoffs of “The Brady Bunch.” The original show was hugely successful, but I didn’t even know that there was a spinoff, let alone two! “The Brady Brides” was about Jan and Marsha having a double wedding and then the two couples moving in together. “The Bradys” was a show about the whole family, but this time they were all grown up. Sometimes it’s better to just leave a good thing alone and this is a great example of that.


Joanie Loves Chachi

“Joanie Loves Chachi” was such a letdown! After the huge success that was “Happy Days,” you would think a spinoff would work, but sadly they didn’t all work that well. “Happy Days” had a few successful spinoffs like “Laverne and Shirley,” but this wasn’t one of them. I think that this was a case of choosing the wrong characters to give a show. There just wasn’t anything too special or entertaining about them that would make people want to watch. These may have been lovable characters on “Happy Days,” but that doesn’t always mean that they’re going to be successful. Sadly, this only lasted a season. I don’t know about you, but I was disappointed.


Queer Eye for the Straight Girl

I’ve never even heard of this show! Has anyone?! I loved “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” but wasn’t aware that there was one for girls. While the original had five gay guys that did life makeovers for straight men, the spinoff had three gay guys and a lesbian working to give a straight girl a life makeover. So why didn't it work? I mean it was pretty much the same concept. I don’t have the answer to this question, but this show only lasted a season while the original lasted five. Sometimes shows just don’t work and I guess this was one of them.



I love “Friends” so I was really disappointed that the spinoff didn’t do that well. Who didn’t think that Joey was hilarious?! Just because he was funny though, it didn’t guarantee that his show would do well. Part of what made Joey so great was his interactions with the other people on “Friends” and sadly, “Joey” just didn’t have the same feel. On the other hand, this spinoff went for two seasons while many of the others ended after only one. So maybe it might not seem that this show should be here, but it earned its place by being really disappointing.

It is really unfortunate that spinoffs don’t always work out the same way the original show does. Sometimes it’s the wrong character, the wrong story line or sometimes it’s just too much of a good thing, but no matter what it is they just don’t work. When a spinoff is good it can be really successful, “Frasier” did really well and it was a spinoff of “Cheers,” sadly that’s not always the case. Do you disagree with any of these shows? What would you put on the list?

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Haha I had no idea they did Brady bunch spin offs. That's hilarious.


The sequel to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's called Shock Treatment, and while it sounds just as fun as the first, well, it sucked. If it had the original cast it could have worked, but...

Haha. I just created an account so I could post the horrific Golden Girls spin-off but someone beat me to it. So I'll have to throw a few others up to give people nightmares.. 1. Top of the heap (more like bottom of the pile) married with children spin-off. 2. Baywatch Nights (yep mitch Buchanan really did become a detective) There's plenty more under lock and key that are too scary to name so I won't scare people even further. I'm sure you've all tried to suppressed these memories

Let's not forget the best show ever ... Golden Girls spinoff was Golden Palace. What a bomb! :(

I didnt know fraiser was a spin off of cheers. guess you learn something new everyday.

In regards to Three's Company spinoffs, "The Ropers" bombed as well!

I agree with all of these!!!!!

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