7 Worst TV Spinoffs of All Time ...


Just like there are lists of the best and worst shows, there can be lists of the best and worst TV spinoffs. There are some shows I didn’t know were spinoffs and there are some spinoffs I’ve never even heard of. With all of the TV that I watch, it is hard to believe that there are shows I didn’t know existed. Let’s take a look at seven of the absolute worst TV spinoffs.

1. Three’s a Crowd

“Three’s a Crowd” was a spinoff of “Three’s Company.” While its successor was really successful, the spinoff didn’t have the same luck. This show was only on for one season and it’s not hard to see why. The best part of “Three’s Company” was how hilarious it was. “Three’s a Crowd” had too much of a mushy side to it to be able to have the same success as its predecessor. I love “Three’s Company” so I’m a little bummed that the spinoff wasn’t as good, but where’s the fun in watching Jack Tripper be mushy in a relationship?!

2. That '80s Show

I still watch repeats of “That '70s Show” and I was kind of excit