15 of the Most Annoying TV Characters ...


15 of the Most Annoying TV Characters ...
15 of the Most Annoying TV Characters ...

There are annoying TV characters everywhere! I feel like sometimes they help to further story lines and other times they’re just dead weight that could be cut out of the show. Who knows why writers put in characters that get on everyone’s nerves. Here are nine of the most annoying TV characters according to me.

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Allison Cameron

Allison Cameron This was a rough one. I couldn’t choose between Cameron and Foreman from “House, M.D.” for most annoying character on the show. They both drove me crazy, but when it comes down to it, Cameron’s whiny nature and weird crush on House made her the winner. Even when she left the show and came back, she still found a way to be annoying by acting like she was better than House’s new doctors. I just could never really find her likable and believe me, I tried!


Cameron's constant need for validation was grating, almost as much as her moral superiority complex that seemed to clash with the dark grittiness of the hospital. Her character often felt more like a broken record, repeating the same ethical dilemmas over and over, rather than developing and growing. Add to that her inability to step out of House's shadow, and you've got a recipe for a character that viewers just love to be irritated by. Sure, her heart might've been in the right place, but it doesn't make up for the fact that every time she was on screen, the eye-rolls were almost audible.


Declan Porter

Declan Porter This was another tough one. As much as I love “Revenge,” there are a few really annoying characters. Declan really gets on my nerves though. Declan is one of those kids that thinks he’s really tough even though he’s not tough at all. He also has a chip on his shoulder against the rich people that he’s surrounded by in the Hamptons. I really wish that he wasn’t so annoying because I really like his brother and girlfriend, but hate watching his story lines.


Ben Grogan

Ben Grogan Ben Grogan was brought into season 2 of “Fairly Legal” as part of trying to fix the series and raise ratings. It didn’t work. He was so frustrating and just got on my nerves beyond belief. He was extremely arrogant and seemed to think that he was better than everyone. I felt like instead of bringing something to the show, he took something away from the show, or just added frustration. On top of all that, the first season was kind of funny and yet with the second season they went a more serious route, including Ben, who wasn’t funny at all.


Lori Grimes

Lori Grimes I don’t actually know anyone that watches “The Walking Dead” that likes Lori. At first she didn’t bother me too much, but as the show went on I just wanted her to stop talking. I think the writers tried to make people feel bad for her when she got pregnant, but it didn’t really work. Somehow, even pregnant, she still got on people’s nerves. I think it has something to do with the fact that she wasn’t really loyal to anyone and seemed to flip flop her loyalties. I can’t stand her.


Alison DiLaurentis

Alison DiLaurentis You know a character has to be annoying when they’re in a show as little as Alison and is still found annoying by the fans. Alison is only in flashbacks on “Pretty Little Liars” because the whole show is about her death, so she can’t be in it. Not only that, but she’s not even in every episode! Yet somehow, every time they show her I get so annoyed. It probably has to do with the fact that she’s really mean and I don’t understand how anyone was friends with her, but other than that, she just really gets on my nerves!



Whitney Whitney Cummings is an awesome comedian. Everyone that I show her stand up to loves her, but on her show “Whitney,” she drives me crazy! First of all, every episode is the same story line. She does something to mess up her relationship and then does something perceived at zany to fix her problem. Second, she does everything so over the top that it gives me a headache. Some people still find her character hilarious, but I just find her annoying.


Dr. Isobel Stevens

Dr. Isobel Stevens I loved Izzie in the beginning of “Grey’s Anatomy,” but as the show went on, her story line made me lose interest completely. When she was portrayed as the underdog who modeled lingerie to pay for med school it was fine. Then out of nowhere she’s whining all of the time and then starts to see the ghost of her ex-boyfriend. I mean, I get that it was to forward her story line, but it was just dragged on too long. Eventually her character made me want to stop watching the show, but I held on and finally she left.



Guinevere The “Merlin” fans will most likely attack me if they ever hear that I find Gwen annoying, but I can’t help it. To be honest, I have no idea what it is about her that I don’t like, but she just gets on my nerves. Have you ever met someone that just makes you roll your eyes at the sight of them? Well, that’s her. It gets a little better towards the end of the series, but for the most part she just drives me insane.


Miranda Hobbes

Miranda Hobbes I didn’t watch “Sex and the City” the first time around, but I’ve been watching it recently and I just can’t stand Miranda! She seems to be so judgmental of everything her friends do. Not just that, but she’s angry a lot of the time and on multiple occasions just flips out seemingly without being provoked. At first I didn’t think she was too bad, but the more I watch her, the more I want to skip over her parts of the show. She has to be one of the most annoying TV characters I’ve ever encountered.



Joffrey Ok to be completely honest I haven't seen all of this show. Actually, I'm still on season one, but even I know that he's extremely annoying and a jerk. From episode one Joffrey was getting on my nerves so I can only imagine what people who have seen every episode think. Actually, I know what they think: they hate him. Everywhere you look he is viewed as a character people hate and find annoying. What a perfect contribution to this list!


Shane Walsh

Shane Walsh I just had to include Shane on my list. There was a little hesitation to include him because Lori from "Walking Dead" is already on the list, but there was no way he couldn't make it! Towards the end of his run on the show, Shane became more and more annoying. Not only was he annoying, but he kind of started to lose it a little bit. There seems to be a pro Shane and an anti Shane split between "Walking Dead" fans. Nevertheless I thought he was extremely annoying.


Pete Campbell

Pete Campbell The annoying part about Pete Campbell from "Mad Men," is that he has a few redeemable moments that make you wonder if he really is that annoying. The answer is yes, yes he is. He may have a few qualities that make you go huh maybe he's not so bad and then he does something that reminds you why he belongs on this list. Whether it's his arrogant attitude or the fact that he is so self entitled it's sickens you, there's bound to be something that gets on your nerves.


Ted Mosby

Ted Mosby I love "How I Met Your Mother!" To be honest, I love Ted Mosby and yet he found his way on this list. As funny as I think he is, I can't help but get annoyed with his mushy and overly romantic personality. At a certain point in the show his character became repetitive to the point of annoyance. He is in love with the idea of being in love to the point where you groan when he starts to speak about relationships.


Sam Healy

Sam Healy I wasn't sure about if I wanted to put him on the list since "Orange is the New Black" is still so new. When thinking about it more, it makes sense for his character to end up on an annoying characters list. In just one season he does from someone that you can tolerate to somebody that makes your blood boil. Somewhere in between those two extremes, he becomes this extremely annoying character that you don't even want to see on screen.


Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie Stackhouse "True Blood" is one of those guilty pleasure types of shows, but even those who proudly love it can't deny that Sookie gets on their nerves. Watching "True Blood," you can try to have an open mind, but when it comes down to it she's very annoying. She's just so whiny! Of course a lot of bad and weird things happen to her and around her, but she just handles it very poorly. Luckily, I know I'm not the only fan of the show that feels this way!

Almost every show has an annoying character that people would love to be rid of. These are just some of the ones that get under my skin. Do you disagree with anyone on my list? Who would you have put on yours?

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Moisis areas

Love this. so true!!

Gwen was so totally annoying! I hated her after she became queen, like she was a servant before and now she's all like I'm a queen, bow down before me, hate her

April Kepner from Grey's Anatomy drove me nuts!

Oh no you didn't Alison Dilaurentis is my favorite character from PLL. I'm praying she is in every episode of season 5 PLL. TAKE HER OFF!

I agree with Alison, but not Lori at all. I'm actually kinda offended about what you said about Lori.

What about sklyar from breaking bad ✋ OMG she is annoying

Ted is awesome

I age with @Blazenka Vojkovic - Andrea is far more annoying than Lori ever was.

Miranda is great, as are the other sex and the city girls

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