13 TV Characters That Disappeared without Explanation ...

It’s weird to think that there are any TV characters that disappeared without any explanation. The truth of it is that there are a lot of them. It would be nice to be given some closure, but some characters aren’t big enough to even be given that. What about the bigger characters though? The writers must think that we won’t notice. I think they underestimate us. Here are nine TV characters that disappeared without any explanation.

1. Erica Hahn

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Dr. Hahn’s last scene of “Grey’s Anatomy” shows her walking to her car never to be seen again. There isn’t a big goodbye. There isn’t even a little goodbye. What’s weird (and different than many of the TV characters that disappeared) is that she was a main character for quite some time. She may not have been everyone’s favorite, but she was part of some big story lines. Viewers were left to assume that this episode where she walks to her car was her last episode. Other than reading it somewhere or seeing it on an interview, there was really no signal to tell you that was it. They never even gave us a reason to why she left.

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