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It is often the misunderstood sitcom characters of our favorite shows that go without the praise every other cast member seems to get. Often they are annoying, sarcastic, spoiled, angry, and failing that, passive aggressive. Misunderstood sitcom characters are the butt of everyone's jokes, and are often forgotten about long after the show ends. In my view, they are just as worthy of praise as our TV favorites, so here are seven I openly love.

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S- Janice

F.R.I.E.N.D.S- Janice Oh Janice. Who can forget her awful laugh, even worse hair, and multiple crimes against the fashion industry. When Chandler told her he was moving to Yemen Road in Yemen, my heart sort of broke. Most men would rather take a vow of chastity than have a girlfriend like her. Still, her heart is in the right place and I love her for her persistence in love. This is why she is one of my favorite misunderstood sitcom characters.


Malcolm in the Middle- Lois

Malcolm in the Middle- Lois When my sister and I were growing up watching Malcolm in the Middle, we used to joke that our mother was like Lois from the show. Two kids later, and I am not half as angry as Lois is (in retrospect, neither was my mother), but I can sort of understand why she is in permanent shout mode. Lois never had it easy. Her husband tried to fatten her up by putting butter in her coffee when she was pregnant, her kids are off the wall, and there is some creepy guy at work who loves her. If I were Lois, I'd be pretty grumpy too.


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air- Uncle Phil

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air- Uncle Phil Uncle Phil is another angry character I have a lot of love for. As a kid, I used to think "Wow, this man is angry." Now, I see that waistline and realise his blood pressure is probably sky high. Then there is Jazzy Jeff stomping all over his house--throwing another fully grown man through the door is no easy feat. Throw Hillary's horrendous spending habits into the mix, and it's easy to see why Uncle Phil was in a bad mood a lot of the time.


Two-and-a-Half Men- Rose

Two-and-a-Half Men- Rose Oh poor old Rose. All she wants is to be loved. Now I believe Rose when she says she is simple "Boundary challenged" as opposed to a stalker. Okay, maybe she is a stalker. However, she seems to win her stalkees over quite nicely, and that is sort of admirable.


My Name is Earl- Joy Turner

My Name is Earl- Joy Turner Sure, Joy comes across as immature, abusive, and mean-spirited. She is always chasing after Earl's money, uses the word "Dummy" a lot, and the paternity of her kids is highly questionable. Still, I like to think I'd be a bit of a Joy in different circumstances. I know Earl is lovely and everything post-accident, but he was probably hard to live with before that. I think there is a lovely interior beneath that scary facade.


Will & Grace- Karen

Will & Grace- Karen She's spoiled, she treats her staff like crap, and she digs gold better than half the miners in Australia. At the same time, she will always be there to drink with you, she'd probably fight for Rosario to the death, and there is strong evidence she gives to the poor. Remember the episode when she goes to recover her shoes from a charity shop, sees a poor woman about to buy them, and gives her money to complete the purchase? She's sweet deep down, and seems like my perfect friend.


Scrubs- Jordan Sullivan

Scrubs- Jordan Sullivan While many see Jordan's ex-husband Dr. Cox as being hilarious, she is seen as cold. They're just as sarcastic as each other, so Jordan gets a lot of love from me for being hilarious as well. I do have to be honest though, she is slightly nightmarish. Very few other women would put a man through multiple divorces and vasectomies. She's incredibly loyal though, has had a tough upbringing, and turns a little nice towards the end.

I'm absolutely positive that I'm not the only person who loves these characters. In fact, I know I'm not. I'm always on the look out for more to love as well, as I know I have probably missed some. So if you have a misunderstood sitcom character, who is it and why?

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I love Jordan!

Love Lois (:

These are all my favourite characters

love this list! i agree with everyone ?

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