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7 Sad Moments from Scrubs That Left Me in Tears ...

By Vanessa

There are so many sad moments from Scrubs. Of course, there are so many hilarious ones too. I guess it's a good mixture of both! The sad moments from Scrubs really did leave me in tears though. Take a look at my top 7 sad moments. Let me know if I missed any. I'll add it to the next list! P.S this list contains major spoilers so do NOT read if you haven't kept up with the show!

1 "My Screw up"

This was such a sad episode. Dr. Cox was the one to always have it together and he was never really the type to have any emotional breakdowns. That's why this episode was so sad! J.D. was the one who snapped him back into reality. This episode tricked a lot of people; it wasn't what it seemed. Still, it tops my list of sad moments from Scrubs.

2 Laverne's Death

With her witty remarks and her wise words, Laverne earned a spot in my heart. She really did care for everyone. When she got sick and ended up on her deathbed, I was so heartbroken! The way Carla took it was so sad. She was broken. That's some good acting because when she was broken, so was I.


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3 Season 8 Finale

This part was so beautiful but yet so sad? J.D. saw a vision of his future and it brought me to tears. It was so beautiful! This is sort of where Scrubs really ended. Sure, they had a season 9 but the last episode didn't really offer much closure. Not like this one.

4 "My Old Lady"

This was such a touching episode. The character was different to most of the patients that they deal with because this lady was ready for death. She wasn't fighting for life like everyone else would. J.D. felt connected to this lady and even though he didn't understand it at first, he reluctantly let her go.

5 "My Lunch"

This episode was all kinds of sad. Jill, the patient we all learned to love, dies. But, her death means something. Her organs were donated to three transplant patients. One life down could save so many more, right? Well, the transplant goes wrong and all three transplant patients die. Dr. Cox feels guilty and has a sort of emotional breakdown. J.D. is there to help build him back up.

6 "My Deja Vu"

In this episode, J.D. starts to notice that things happen in cycles. Dr. Cox returns to the hospital following his drunken breakdown after the three transplant patients die. He confides with Elliot, telling her that he was a bit scared in making decisions now. I liked that they bonded over this moment.

7 J.D.'s Dad Dies

Oh my gosh. It was so sad when J.D.'s dad died! I mean, the fact that John Ritter played the dad is even sadder. J.D had his struggles with his dad but it was sad when he found out he was no longer around. The thing I did love about it though was when Dr. Cox showed J.D. how much he really did care for him. Like a father.

There you have it! These scenes in Scrubs left me in tears. Believe it or not, there's actually a lot more sad moments. Which moment left you in tears? Which moment did I miss?

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