7 Memorable Gossip Girl Moments I Will Never Get over ...

If there's one thing we have an endless supply of, it's memorable Gossip Girl moments. I remember binge-watching the series on Netflix just a few months ago and wow. That's really all you can say when watching GG! I was so invested in all of the characters (Chuck & Blair especially), but can you blame me? These characters were nothing at all like me, but I still felt connected to all of them. Check out the memorable Gossip Girl moments that I'll never get over!

1. Blair Loses Her Virginity

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Ah. The place where it all started. Sure, Blair didn't lose it in a "romantic" way but the love story that followed was epic. Let's not forget that crazy Burlesque scene where Blair danced for Chuck. I really think this was a defining moment for their relationship. I don't know about you, but I'll forever ship "Chair". This is one of the most memorable Gossip Girl moments.

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