7 Bad Guys We Love Even Though We Shouldn't ...

There are so many bad guys we love out there. Who hasn't sat through a movie or a TV show, thinking, "Wow, I probably shouldn't be enjoying this character so much"?! There are a million reasons to love a bad guy, whether it be looks, humor, or they're just so crazy you kind of just have to love them. Anyway, here are some of the bad guys we love even though we probably shouldn't

1. Loki

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It's kind of amazing that Loki is probably one of the most popular bad guys we love. If you spend any time on the internet then you will see that he is more loved than Thor, who is actually the hero of his movies. It doesn't seem to matter to anyone that Loki has tried to kill thousands of people because everyone just adores him so much. This likely has a lot to do with actor Tom Hiddleston, but nevertheless Loki is definitely loved.

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