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7 Best Boy Meets World Episodes ...

By Lydia

It's so hard to pick the best Boy Meets World episodes! There are so many seasons and so many amazing episodes that picking just a few is not an easy task. When you watch the show, you can be laughing one second and crying the next; it's hard not to love a show like that. Let's take a look at a few of the best Boy Meets World episodes.

1 Cory’s Alternative Friends

How could this episode not make it onto a list of the best Boy Meets World episodes? This is the episode that contains the iconic moment where Topanga pushes Cory up against a locker and plants his first kiss on him. It's a great episode that starts the long time on and off relationship that the audience gets to follow for the rest of the series.

2 And then There Was Shawn

This is one of my favorite episodes. It's an episode that's a little more ridiculous than the rest and yet has a great message. In this episode Cory, Shawn, and the rest of the gang seem to be in a horror movie a la Scream. It has a great "who is the killer?" question that, when answered, sheds some light on how one of the characters is feeling around that time. It's a really great one that combines some meaning with a lot of fun.

3 Brave New World

Technically this is two episodes, but it really there's no way this couldn't be featured on the list. These are the last two episodes of the series and if you're a huge BMW fan, then you will cry your eyes out every time you watch it. The show finally reaches the point of adulthood when childhood friends have to separate and live their own lives. It's a really emotional and touching episode, and if you've seen the episodes then you know that the last scene just rips your heart out.

4 Can I Help Cheer You?

The best part of this episode isn't even the main focus of this episode. While Cory and Topanga attend a wedding and there's a lot of jokes and laughter, the best part of the episode is with Eric. Eric has been in a Big Brother program and has decided that he wants to adopt his Little Brother. The audience gets to see a different side of the Eric we all know and love. There are a few moments that might bring a tear to your eye, but really it's just so sweet that it's a must watch.

5 We'll Have a Good Time then

This has to be one of the saddest episodes in the entire series, but it also gives a great look into Shawn's life and relationship with his father. Throughout the show we have known that the two were estranged and in this episode we see what happens when Chet, Shawn's father, ends up in the hospital. This is definitely a solemn episode, but one that had to happen to further Shawn's character development.

6 A Long Walk to Pittsburgh

This episode is yet another that involves a big moment in Cory and Topanga's relationship. In this two part episode, Topanga and her family are moving away, which means that she and Cory will no longer be together. There probably hasn't been a time in most BMW fans' lives when they've wanted two characters together more than these episodes. Topanga moves away with her family, but then shows up at Cory's door drenched from the rain outside saying that she can't move away because she has to be with him. Talk about a love story!

7 Seven the Hard Way

There's only one reason that this episode made the list: Eric. It's not that this episode is bad, it's just that the most memorable part is because of Eric. The gang has all been playing pranks on each other, but after it goes too far they stop talking to each other, which leads Eric to imagine a future where they're not all friends. This scene includes Eric coming into a party with long hair and a beard, telling everyone that his new name is "Plays with Squirrels." It's hilarious and yet heartfelt, a must see!

There are so many amazing Boy Meets World episodes and any fan will tell you that this doesn't even cover a fraction of them! What are your favorites? Which do you disagree with? What would you have on your list?

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