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I never thought a comedy about incarcerated women would captivate me like it did, but the Orange Is the New Black characters made me fall in love with this awesome program. Top of my list is Piper Chapman, but I sort of love her fiance Larry too. For those who haven't watched Season 1 yet, this list has a few spoilers. You've been warned! There are many Orange Is the New Black characters, so narrowing them down was quite challenging.

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Piper Chapman

Piper Chapman Like I said, Piper Chapman is one of the best of the Orange Is the New Black characters. She is completely and utterly clueless. Within a day she manages to make the cook so angry, she ends up having a tampon placed in her burger. Okay, so that is gross. Still, Piper's unending ability to annoy everyone around and and then charm them within seconds makes me love her.


Suzanne Warren Aka Crazy Eyes

Suzanne Warren Aka Crazy Eyes It doesn't take long for Crazy Eyes to make Piper her 'wife.' She takes a slightly questionable approach to their 'break up.' One moment that stands out in my mind is when she pees on the floor in front of Piper. However, I think the love is there. She does let Pipe know that she'd appreciate her 'titties' all the time. That's real love right there.


Tiffany DOggett Aka Pennsatucky

Tiffany DOggett Aka Pennsatucky Pennsatucky finds herself inside for shooting a woman who makes a snarky comment about the number of abortions she has. Somehow, she turns this into a political crime by claiming she has found Christianity and acted in the name of God. Pennsatucky gets off on the attention this draws, so she turns herself into the prison's pseudo preacher. My love for her comes from the moment she shuts Alex Vause in a washing machine. Revenge is hilarious in OITNB!


Alex Vause

Alex Vause Alex Vause is the reason Piper finds herself inside. Bisexual Piper fell in love with Alex during her younger years, and tripped around the world with her as a drug mule. When the law catches up with Alex, she isn't quite ready to let Piper keep her freedom. Piper is seriously annoyed at Alex for this. However, it doesn't take her long to miss the affections of loving fiance Larry, and fall right into Alex's arms.



Larry Oh poor old Larry. The only way he can get his writing published in the New York Times is to write about his sexual frustration as a result of his fiance being in prison. This frustration emerges in the funniest of ways, such as inappropriate remarks to bar staff. He also makes a little reference to an 'Apple pie incident' at the beginning of the show. Yeah, the writers really wanted to play on the whole Jim from American Pie thing.


Dayanara Diaz Aka Daya

Dayanara Diaz Aka Daya My heart breaks for Daya throughout the series. Initially it soars, because she bags the hottest correctional officer in there. Then she falls pregnant, and has to find a way to carry on with the pregnancy without getting the man she loves into trouble. This ends in a little fun and games with a correctional officer who is a douche. We're going to learn more about this in Season 2, which is making me itch to watch it.


Galina Reznikov Aka Red

Galina Reznikov Aka Red Last but by no means least, there is Red. Red rules the kitchen. If anybody rubs Red up the wrong way, they don't eat as a result. Red's story unfolds beautifully and mysteriously throughout the series. I want to know more about what happened to her. In the meantime, I'm going to continue adoring her for her role as a mother figure.

I can't wait for Season 2 to hit Netflix here in the UK! For the time being, I am not even going to ruin my excitement with spoilers. Personally, I can't wait to see what happens between Piper and Alex! If you are an OITNB fan, who is your favorite character and why?

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When is series 2 coming on Netflix uk?

I like piper cause she speaks how she feels and she's funny lol

I haven't ever watch the show but I did read the book, sounds like a lot has been changed from the actual book. I hate that when they make up stuff or completely change it, reading this makes me not want to watch.

I love this Series❤️

When dose season 2 come out on Netflix USA


Crazy eyes!!! Classic character "CAUTION wet floor" vanilla swirl

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